Hiring builders and scripters for my Starfighting project

I understand your wariness, I probably would be too. As I mentioned, Sushi Slasher Studios has made no front page games in the past due difficulties assembling a competent, active, and motivated team. That doesn’t mean I’m not experienced though. I’ve been attempting to develop on Roblox since 2014, and I have learned from all of my past failures.

Tough but real question.

What makes you think you’ll be able to assemble a better team this time around? And keep things moving?

Last time the devs I hired were mostly users I met in the scripters subforum. They all became inactive or quit. This time, I’m trying to hire users from the dev forum, where everyone is competent and experienced.

Cool cool, I commend you on your project and hope for the best. Whoever you end up taking, be sure you keep an open mind for ideas and communication. If you want to see the trials and tribulations of being a project lead, check out this discussion I mediated.

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Thanks for the advice. Although it’s not looking very hopeful as of now.

Starting to lose confidence.

It’s only been a few hours… Give it a couple days.

Worst case scenario if you find nobody, you should continue with your game and release one solo. By having small solo projects (that are completed!) you can begin to convince people you know what you’re doing.

Think of it this way:
If you’ve never released a solo game before, why should people trust you to organize a group and release a much larger game?

I have released solo games before, they’ve just never gotten popular. But thanks for the advice.

Then why aren’t you linking those here? Your job in the post here is really to convince people that if they work for you, you’ll all end up with a finished project and maybe some cash.

If you have no experience in teams you could also look at the other collaboration threads that have been made over the past week and try joining one of their projects. I see lots of threads from people looking for members but rarely people joining these groups.

We need a matchmaking system on the forums :thinking:

The solo projects I’ve made are either low quality things I made a while ago or showcases. But I guess I’ll try linking my showcases to see if that helps.

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T_T oh well

Yes, bumping is fine (@x_o) so long as it’s:

  • Not excessive as you mentioned (do not bump on the same day the thread was last active, and if you are still not receiving a response after multiple bumps, stop bumping altogether because the problem lies with the request itself and not lack of exposure)

  • Contributing new, useful information to the thread (i.e. instead of “Bump” post “Here are the updates that have happened since this thread was last active. I am still looking for someone to work with.”)

  • After trying various things to improve potential reasons for lack of response

If you do not receive the responses you are looking for after the thread has been up for a while, you will likely never receive the responses you are looking for, and there is a problem with your request. Note that there is not always a “right” way to propose a request – sometimes they just don’t fit because of situational conditions (e.g. lack of successful project history). As mentioned on your earlier thread, consider taking on a smaller project if you can’t attract others to work for you, or work on someone else’s project to build reputation.

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Note the wording.

imo bumping doesn’t add to discussion but maybe that’s just me

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“Bump” does not add anything to the discussion. “I’ve implemented x feature myself, have increased the pay offered, and have changed the target scope of the project” does. If you are still unsure you can ask @Nightgaladeld.

Bumping a thread is fine as long as it’s with content that adds to the discussion, is infrequent, and complies with all of the other rules. In this thread, acceptable means of bumping would be, for example, posting screenshots of progress every few hours to entice people who are on the fence, wondering if the project will take off (heh), and only doing so once every few days. Otherwise bumping threads with “BUMP” or “please post” would go against Global Rule 7, yes.

From here on out, let’s keep this thread on topic! :slight_smile:


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