Hello dear Roblox community.

Hi I am Dan and I represent Pizza Pie Publishing a fresh Roblox Game Studio.
If anybody is curious here is my professional information: linkedin.com/in/dan-pavel-aa020256

About us

While we have over a year on Roblox we are professional game designers with over 15 years of experience. Please feel free to check us out: appliedartsanalysis.com

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated programmer to join our team. We are planing to start development on 4 games in the next months.
For now we will start with a new take on a “Farm Simulator” game.

**The Team so far:
@Joesefez - Lead Designer
@Wesc0bar - Economy Designer
@Pressswipe - Game Producer
@andreasdkn - UI

You can check our other games here: Pizza Pie Publishing - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a passionate and focused programmer to join our team as our “master coder”. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress every few days and we strive to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.
We are professionals looking to work with like minded creative people.

Our simulator will have a clicker mechanic but also a passive and strategic take compared to other sims.
You will be able to farm, grow animals and pimp out your farmer house.
The exact game features will be shared with applicants that can prove they have experience making Roblox games.
We estimate the time of execution to be 4-6 weeks.

We kindly ask you to provide link to previous work or portfolios with your games.


We will offer a CONTRACT for you to sign that will guarantee payment for completed milestones.
We would like to make the payment via PayPal or bank transfer in USD. However we can be flexible and open to Group Payments also.
Our budget is 1000 USD -1500 USD.
We are looking for a long term collaboration so we are open to sharing % of the revenue based on qualifications of the programmer and his needs.

This deal opens the door to other commissions.


Before we can share with you more game design information we will need you do agree with signing an NDA (non disclosure agreement) to protect everyone’s confidentiality. Minors will need parent approval and signature for both the NDA and the final contract.

Contact Us

I will be the contact point so feel free to DM or add me on Discord: Danutian#5401.
You can also shoot me and email: dancpavel@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and spreading the word! :slight_smile:


For something as serious as this it may be wise to provide a better idea of what a “master coder” would be doing because that is incredibly vague. There’s no real indication available as to what someone is signing onto. Does this position entail only scripting on Roblox, or are there other responsibilities to the position?

I am hesitant to reach out directly for an offer like this due to the lack of information because Roblox games frequently fall victim to feature creep or poor direction that leads to a heavy workload on any scripters working on it. This isn’t to say that this will happen with games produced by Pizza Pie, but it is a genuine worry. There’s also the inherent worry of an NDA covering up any concerns people who reach out and learn more may have.

The lack of professional contact information makes me dubious as well. Do you have an email that can be used to contact you off of the developer forums? As is, there’s no way to directly confirm your identity on the platform beyond your word, which is not much considering this is the first I am seeing your company and username.

EDIT: After looking at your group’s wall, it appears as though your current games are are ripping people off. These are recent comments. Are there any plans to address or fix these problems?


Is the 1300 usd just for the Farm Simulator or all the games you want to make?

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Hi there.

Do you have a privacy statement for job applicants? And any appropriate policies relating to the hiring process or privacy?

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This. This x100.

Besides their website looking really sketchy, their group games have been ripping people off if the comments are any indication all the way since January. And paying 1000-1500 with unspecified terms is even sketchier.


A small note - last time you posted you said you had 15 years of experience, and now it’s 20 years. It could be a mistake, but I do feel this is a fairly sketchy deal if anyone were to sign up… for a few reasons.

How many months of work are you saying this may be? If it’s one month, that’s not bad. But if you’re talking about many months for $1300 and an unknown, unreliable % then I don’t think it’d be wise for anyone to take this offer.
Also - NDAs signed by minors aren’t really legally enforceable.
I don’t think this is what people envisage when they talk about ‘proper developers’ moving into Roblox. I don’t even think this is that - it’s just contracts and NDAs for no obvious reason.

If you were to fix the broken game that you have bought and make your customers happy, it’d be much easier to believe that you are professional, too.

Just my thoughts.


the lack of information regarding this inquiry really raises a lot of eyebrows, especially considering most of your claims have almost no backing to them as well as the fact that you did copy other games on the platform as mentioned by other people before.

NDA’s + any form of legal agreement that can be related to a contract is null with minors, so i think you should re-evaluate this to save you from potential legal trouble. it also appears that your games are broken and are causing your playerbase to complain. some quick feedback, you should fix your games and deliver to your players before you make an offer spouting up $1300+ without any sort of way to absolutely be certain you even HAVE the money for that kind of payment.

@Dekkonot . I will try to answer all your concerns.
I used the term “master coder” as we need one programmer experienced enough to take on a generic Farm Simulator. I will add additional information.

The game will be fully programed in Roblox and the programmer will have no other responsibilities.

The NDA is used to protect game design information and dev’s quotes from spreading around.
I can always give me email and I will. I have used discord and Roblox username since, in my experience, that is where and how most Robloxians use.

I have shared my Linkedin profile, discord user and roblox user. I will share any other information if it was asked for in a polite manner.

The games you see on the wall are games purchased from fellow devs, here, on Roblox. The games were moved to our group. This resulted in a lot of bugs that we are trying to fix. It’s not easy working with another one’s code.

We decided to build our own game and that is why I am here.
I am sorry I did not answer faster since you made some claims that are a bit hurtful.

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That fee is only for the Farm Sim. We are open to discussions after reviewing the game features if you believe some mechanics are harder to implement then we anticipated.

Hi. After seeing the portfolio, if we are to more forward, we propose signing a non-disclosure agreement ( NDA ), also known as a confidentiality agreement. After that is signed we share the proposed game features. Once those features are presented and discussed with the programmer we can more forward to settling on the fee + rev share. Upon that we draft a contract.
Both the NDA and the contract will require parent signature if you are a minor.
I hope I answered all your concerns :).

I appreciate your feedback.
We will try to improve our website.
The games have been moved to our group and are still buggy. We are working on fixing it but reliable coders are hard to find.
If you wanted to know more about the term you could have asked. Like other community members did.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I used the term CONTRACT and NDA to let people know we can not deal with anyone who want a quick back or looks at scamming. You either are over 18. Or you are a minor and that requires at least one parents approval and signature.
We have refused tens of applicants because they did not want to talk to their parents or did not want to work with a clear contract on a determined length.

If you wanted more details you could have asked for and I would have tried at least to answer.

You are right with fixing our games. It’s been a pain and a constant stress and that is why we are here.

Reliable programmers, as you might know, are not easy to find.
Also we are fairly new to the Roblox environment and haven’t meet all the right people yet.

@mrspirit9 thank you for the feedback.

The lack of information can be easily taken care of. I did the ad and I might have left off something that will help others decide to join. If you have any suggestions, I am open to them.

We know minors can not sign documents. That is why I have used these legal terms to make it clear that we only deal with people that are legally able to. That means either you are over 18 or a parent signs the documents for you.

I am not sure where you came up with: “you copied games on the platform”. We PURCHASED the games and we invested already a ton in trying to fix them…

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For the sake of disclosure, we have had issues in the past with companies coming onto Roblox to poach developers, and it has never ended well for those involved. I thought it was best to be direct with my concerns on the off chance this was one of those situations. The developer forums method for membership has also changed and you appear to be a new account, so without any other way to validate what has been said it appears suspicious. I apologize if what I said came off as hurtful because my intent was to protect my fellow community members.

Thank you for the answers, however. They have assuaged some of my fears. I would still appreciate your email being posted somewhere as it makes this seem less suspicious at a glance (although I can understand not wanting to post it publicly, other high-profile developers have done so and not complained of the consequences, so I assume it’s fine).

On a more or less unrelated note, in the future you should consolidate your replies into one post because replying to multiple posts the way you did is actually against the rules. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the reply.

I understand your concerns and like I said in other posts I thank the community for being so vigilant.
We want to work on Roblox, learn from Roblox established dev and hopefully grow the pie from everyone involved :slight_smile:

I apologize for breaking the rules. I just felt I needed to respond to each comment.

I have updated my email address also. I hope it will help us!

Can I just say there is already a farm simulator on Roblox that is doing well. I feel like the NDA won’t really do anything unless you have the person’s personal information.

We treat all deals the same. We go for the NDA since that is the standard for us. I appreciate your feedback.
I know legal work is no something really done here but we don’t want to risk anymore our money and our work.
Scammers and flakers, stay away! :slight_smile:

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