$[HIRING]$ High Skill Monster Designer / Modeler (and preferably Animator) for RPG $-Paid Gig-$

About Us

Hello! We are Open Source Revival Project, a small upcoming game development team. We’re currently looking for a monster modeler, preferably one that can animate to work as a steady freelancer building textured monsters for an upcoming original RPG game.

What we do

We’re an open-source driven development team focused on sharing content with the Roblox community. Ranging from resources that we open source and dead open-source games we revive to original games that we will one-day open source when we are done with them our goal is to build a sharing community on Roblox where everything from the development of the game to the eventual release of it is community involvement. You can see some of our work here:


The Team
@NoobFragged - Developer/Project Coordinator
@kaydenotis11 - Scripter/Builder
@eyrtuiop232 - Scripter
@EvilEnderslender - Animator
Plus many freelancers we work with regularly!

We’re looking for quality people who can seriously raise the bar.

About The Job(s)

In particular, we’re looking for someone who can create animated and textured monsters that will match the theme of our game(s). This particular one they are semi-realistic low-poly / high-detail monsters.
Alternatively, I can also provide quite a few models that are already textured and suitable however they will need to be modified and rigged/animated for Roblox.


Our preferred method is PayPal however Robux can be arranged as an alternative. You will need to show your portfolio and we will discuss the ranges of the work on a per monster basis as they will not all pay the same but you can expect the ranges to be between $25 to $100 per animated model depending on whether the model/texture is provided, how much detailed work will be required and how many animations are needed. Expect $25 to be the minimum for simple monsters you will convert and animate and $100 to be the highest end for something like a detailed boss you will create from scratch with several animated attacks. The range is negotiable on both sides and will highly depend on the work you have a track record of being able to provide.


There is no payment “up front”. Once you create a completed model with proper animations you can send the appropriate .gif or video of the animations showing they are complete and you will be paid in full when you are ready for delivery. We have no problems using a 3rd party middle-man such as Fiverr or UpWork if you have any concern about whether you will be paid.

This is a multi-job recruitment for the duration of the project and we would prefer someone able to build or convert the entire monster set. We will however, if desired, hire someone on a “per monster set” basis meaning the minimum would be 2-4 monsters used in one area to maintain consistency.

Note: We only offer direct payments at this time as we maintain several games in one community and everything brought in goes back to the community as a whole so there are no perms or % based payments offered.

Contact Us

I prefer that you contact me here on the Developer Forum first.
Alternate communications are available after initial screening.
Applicants 16 years or older with a substantial portfolio of quality work are preferred.

Thank you for your interest in working with NoobFragged Games! :slight_smile:

Hi am a 3d modeller i have being modelling for well over 2 years i am 15 but in a few months time i will become 16 so i would like to help you with you development of your game. Add me on discord: TheBlackGOD#9843 Lastly don’t use paypal i use skrill its just like paypal and if u do end up hiring me i would like you to also have skrill

Hello! :wave:

My name is Kairo, and I am quite interested in this offer. The thing is, I don’t animate, I lack the skill to. So, if you are still in need of a Monster Modeler in the future, then don’t hesitate to contact me!
My portfolio:


I am able to have our animator do the animations so long as all models are created rigged or modified to be rigged for Roblox if editing an existing model.

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