[HIRING] Illustrious Studios is Hiring!

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Welcome to Illustrious Studios , here we make games that haven’t yet been created on Roblox, such as our most recent project that is still in production, Project

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@xPro_Do - Owner; Head Builder; Founder
@Rami_XD1 - Head UI/GUI Creator
@username - Head Scripter
@username - Head Modeler
@Supermanaymany - UI/GUI Artist
@username - Builder
@username - Modeler
@username - Scripter

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As of the last update to this post (6/20/20), we are still in need of a Scripter, Head Scripter, Modeler, Head Modeler, and Builder. The following is what each role would consist of:

Head Builder: Building things such as POIs, buildings, etc…
Head UI/GUI Creator: Creating the main UI parts for the game.
Head Scripter: Scripts the majority of the game, the main parts.
Head Modeler: Models the majority of the models used in the game, such as weapons.
Builder: Builder will build things like buildings, respawn points, etc., stuff that will go inside of the POIs and around the map.
Scripter: Will be scripting the more basic things that the Head Scripter won’t need to, such as opening crates, doors, interacting with things, etc…
Modeler: Modeler will make more basic things like terrain (trees, bushes, etc…) compared to the Head Modeler.
UI/GUI Creator: Will be making things more basic and easily done for the game.

Example of the game's build style

For more information on the game, click here.

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For payment, Head Developers will be getting 15%, regular developers will be getting 5%, and the rest will go towards advertisements and investors; everything will be renegotiated 3 months after the games release.

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To apply for a position, message me and include the following:

Hi, my name/username is _____ and the position I am applying for is _______.

Here is my portfolio/past work examples:

I think I would be an asset to the team because_____.

Thanks for stopping by, xPro_Do

Hello there pro_do!

Not here to apply, but I clicked the link you sent to see your progress, but when I click it, comes up a new tab, and it says this:-

You should check about it though…

Thanks, must have missed that in the template.

No problem dude, you got to make sure that the links and whatever you post though is actually working.

0 back up pay if the game flops

Imo dev team is too stretched out, and no one would work for 5% it is simply too small percentage for a game that’s still in pre-alpha, aslo there is no backup payment. A remake of apex legends would take atleast 4 months 1 experienced builder can do the whole thing in the same time as 3 unexperienced ones. Whats the point of having two GUI designers, 1 GUI designer can do all the work in 1-2 weeks for an one-time payment, and whats the point of three scripters, you can get 1 experienced scripter to do the whole thing in the same time as 3 unexperienced

Yes you are right.,…

5% for builders? No backup plan… I feel like I would just waste my time developing :I
And why you need so much developers? You can get 1-2 developers in each fields that are experienced and can work fast instead of getting full team that wont get fair cut of income.

Please do not use your recruitment topic to solicit investors!