[HIRING] In need of UI Designer and Graphic Designs

Hiring UI and Graphic Designers

Hello! We are a developer group who is looking for a perm or temp UI or GFX Designer, we are hiring both!

The Team
@YTKevvy - Game Owner
@apuic - Programmer

About The Job

We are looking for permanent UI and/or Graphic designers. You don’t have to be permanent but if you are you’d get a lot of commissions through our games as we have a couple more games coming after.


Payment is based on how well the uis are made and how attractive they are. Payment can be anywhere from 5k robux to 20k robux per game for UIs. Graphic[Logos/Gamepasses/Icons/Backgrounds] design payments are from 250 robux to 1.5k robux per graphic design.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. Please send examples linked with your discord user and tag for us to pick who to hire.
Connor. :rose:#9275


Discord does not work, add me: Trophane#8773

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Hey! Your discord does not let me add you. I am a UI Designer, you can contact me on discord Kamran#7520.

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I am UI designer here is my portfolio: Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/User Interface Designer

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I can help you with graphic designing

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Your tag doesn’t work, add me Social#8980

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Hi, i am interested in your offer for graphic design. My portfolio:| Experienced graphics designer | [CLOSED]

I am interested in this opportunity! Please contact me on Discord at: Ink!#8185. I’ve also shot you a friend request. :happy2:

My portfolio is right here! Juno | GFX Artist/Designer

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Interested in doing the graphic designs! Your discord name doesn’t work so you can find my portfolio here.

I am a graphics designer your discord doesn’t work but you can add me on discord my tag is lolalaoa#1000 :laughing:

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Wow that name looks awfully familiar :eyes:

I am interested in the GUI designer role.
my portfolio’s here:[OPEN] UI Designer/2d Artist Portfolio | CursedTxrtle

I am really intrested add me on discord please: warnickur#0788

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DM me on discord if interested. My name and tag is in my portfolio.

Hey there! If the UI Designer occupation is still available, I am interested.

I’ve added you on Discord. My tag is Blaze.#0001

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Just so everyone knows, we are still deciding who to hire. We will probably decide right before the game is done with development (besides uis)


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