(HIRING) Looking for devs to create the boat below!

Hello! I’m Wavoq, I am starting a extreme boat business on ROBLOX. Today, I’m trying to find some highly skilled devs to create this boat. Below is the info…




We are looking for HIGHLY skilled, but CHEAP devs to create this boat and work with me.

We are looking for the following…

Boat Haul Builder…
Interior and top builder…
Boat Scripter…
Scripter to make the water effects and splashes…

We will be paying these devs in ROBUX only, though t-shirts or funds, decided when hired. We will ONLY pay you when you are finished, and completed our revisions. We want highly skilled devs, with past work and tons of experience to show us with this project. You gotta be committed during this, so we need a dev to put a large chunk of time into this… The dev will be payed when hired, we will figure out a price that matches.

Gotta be able to work on team create for our connivence.

Contact me on discord, Wavoq#2631

Thank you, have a great day!


You said your looking for highly skilled but cheap devs. They usually don’t go together, but goodluck! :slight_smile:


Well, sorry I guess? I just need people who can do the job in a decently priced way.

Hey! I’m interested in this job! I will add you on discord Steph#2438

Your discord sisnt work. Add me Steph#2438

Sent! Please accept thank you, talk soon

Cheap varies from person to person. What is your budget? Also when is the deadline (If there is one)?

I’m interested in this commission! For some reason, your discord doesn’t work, add me at Isukali#2787

No deadline, as stated above we will discuss that above when you add me

Added you! Please accept the request

If they’re highly skilled, that would mean they worked a lot and they want more out of this.

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Okay, but there are some people who will take this offer like they did, if your not interested then don’t start criticizing. Just respond if you’d be interested.

You should at least give a base price. Developers don’t want to waste there time if the pay is to low. It helps you, and the other person.


May you please give a budget? I also don’t understand how you say you’re looking for cheap dev’s but asking for a high quality boat? The best you’ll get is a mid quality boat, not a lot of high quality Developers will take this for a low price, assuming it’s under 3k.


Like everyone else says, the pay needs to be stated. You’ll have a lot more people wanting to apply when you put it down. If you’re too shy to share the pay then you’re not going to go so far. At least put the minimum of the price. (ex: 3k)

The way this post is formatted is average. You’ll need to explain more about your group, and put it in this format so readers could read it better. It’s honestly easy to overlook what you stated without carefully reading, which is what some people possibly do.

Using the term “cheap” throws it off more. The best you would get is a mediocre builder when providing low prices. Or the best you would get is a low poly version of that boat. No highly skilled builder will waste their time building a boat that’s highly detailed only for a low pay.

Overall, Good luck on your game! :DD

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Why the heck are you getting mad at me for sharing my opinion? You shouldn’t have taken offense when I stated this as of it’s my opinion, And it’s true you people who work hard should get payed.

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Honestly, I was going to speak on how arrogant his behavior is. But I decided to leave it alone so I wouldn’t make the post look like I’m throwing feelings at him.

But @wavoq, I’ll just go ahead and say it. You’re honestly rude while we try to give criticism and help you. The people who apply or was going to are basically seeing how you are. Highly skilled builders won’t work with unprofessional arrogant people, especially when receiving a low pay. It’s just disrespectful.

Hopefully you’ll learn from your mistakes and be mature in the future. At this point, I suggest you learn 3d modeling and building yourself if you don’t want to give good pays. It’s better to do some things yourself instead of being the owner of a group and do nothing but have people do things for you.

Like I said… Good luck on your game!


Uh, I was just trying to hire people, thank you. But I’m sorry I guess… just that I don’t have a huge big budget. And I prefer to discuss the budget private with the dev.

And I do pay people… that why’s I’m here

Low quality is totally fine with me.