Hiring Low Poly Builder for RPG Game [Closed]

Hiring Experienced Low Poly Builder

About the Game

Hi, I’m currently the scripter for a game called Goldcrest RPG. Much of the game’s mechanics are already in place, but the game is lacking content. I’m looking for a builder to work with me to make updates and grow the popularity of the game.

Please check the game to see if you’re interested!: [WORLD III] Goldcrest RPG - Roblox

About the Job

I am looking for a long term builder who is experienced in low poly.
What is needed at the moment:

  • generic medieval buildings
  • house interiors
  • wizard tower


Payment will be through group earnings. Earnings will be split evenly between me and you.

Contact Us

If you’re interested contact me here or on discord: thomas757#9857

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I’m interested, message me on discord for examples of stuff ive built or check out one of my forum posts here


Fantasy Forest Village (Dev Blog)

Discord: Ethereal#4689

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