Hiring Low Poly Builders / Modelers for next officially licensed game

Hello prospective builders,

My studio SkyReacher is looking to add two new builders to the team on our next exciting and funded project. The game is a virtual world game (not a simulator.)


The term of the project is June 2020 through January 2021, though we’d prefer to keep any builders we bring on board to the project busy on a long-term basis and have multiple games scheduled between now and Q1 2021 with many more branded games to come.

What We’re Looking For

We are in need of both a modeler (Blender or Maya OK) and a Roblox world builder who have demonstrable experience working on Roblox games. If you have skills in both blender and working with Studio parts, all the better.

For our world designer/builder, we’re looking for someone who can design beautiful landscapes without the use of Roblox’s terrain engine and fully utilize meshes and parts. Anticipating 3-5 months of work.

For our modeler, we’re looking for world props, pet designs, avatar customizations and furniture objects to fill in the world we’re creating. Anticipating 300+ models for this project.

Creative Direction and Style

Cartoony and Low Poly - picture Pixar / Disney.


  • Must have previously worked on Roblox games that have been released
  • Must be over 13 to create assets and 18+ to work directly on project.
  • Must have Discord
  • Must be able to communicate daily on status of work
  • Must work well within teams (meaning no divas.) We thrive to keep the dev team environment positive.


Pay format is negotiable (Robux or USD) however for pricing we’ll use USD as a baseline and convert to Robux if needed. The following is not set in stone and revenue share can also be discussed depending on level of commitment to project long-term. Approx. rates: Modelers between $1-20 USD per requested model depending on model’s complexity though we prefer a retainer format for monthly work if the individual is trustworthy and autonomous. Builders will be paid on a monthly retainer due to the difficulty of measuring by “object created”. Pay is negotiable but likely between $250-$2,500 USD depending on volume of work created and what is negotiated.

How to Apply

Contact DarkViper on Twitter (twitter.com/darkviper) or via Discord (DarkViper#1337) with example links to your work. You can also message on the forum but I primarily use Twitter and Discord to communicate.

If I do not respond right away, I usually like to review all applications at the same time so please give me a few days to review.

About SkyReacher

I left my job at Sony Online Entertainment to create SkyReacher in 2010. Our clients have included Marvel, Fox, Dreamworks, Dr. Seuss, Harlem Globetrotters, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Samsung, Konami and many others. We’re a closenit team of industry veterans and I have been working in the games industry since 1997. Our dev team has experience working on Unity and Unreal projects across Steam, Android, iOS, PS4 and WebGL. We continue to work on those types of projects but recently launched our first Roblox game last year which is the officially licensed Dr. Seuss Simulator (Dr. Seuss Simulator - Farewell Event - Roblox). The game has had ~7M visits and over 3 million players. We have 2 new Roblox projects in development as of this post and continue to update the Seuss game every month.

Thanks for looking!


I’m very interested.

I could create low-poly props for only a few hundred robux each for your map.

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I’m interested, but it looks like you’re not accepting friend requests on discord. Here’s my portfolio. Meteor0id, Modeling/UI/SFX/Scripting/Graphics

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I’d love to apply for modeler, i think my style fits perfectly what you’re looking for

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS/FOR HIRE] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

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Hey I am interested in the builder role here is my portfolio [COMMS ONLY] SOLo470 | Professional | Builder | Terrain Artist | Map Designer - #9 by PlaguedDoubt My discord is Cog992#7214

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Hey, good luck on finding a low poly builder!


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