[HIRING] SCP Facility Development Team

SCP Facility Development

About Us

Hello, we are currently looking for talented developers who would be interested in the development of an SCP genre Facility, that will look as realistic as possible.

About The Job

We are looking for Talented-Developers to enhance the whole project.
The project requires the following developers:

  • Programmers (General scripting & Gun scripters)
  • Modelers (Gun mesh builders & General building meshes)
  • Builders (Small Height detailed builds)
  • GFX Artists (SCPF themed GFX)


We are paying up to 15% - 20% off all Game Revenue and a permanent developer position in the group if you want, and a high rank. Also some rewards to most progressive developers. (We are a new group and do not have a large fund, we spend all of it into ADs. Also upon the new site release, we will be running ADs valued over 10 - 20k Robux and sponsored game AD.)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: penguin70363#3742 or SkyChillo#5910


why did you post this again (30character

two words SCP wiki if you use that and you are a builder you can make basic designs and go higher

The SCP community within roblox is saturated and very unoriginal. I wish you luck, but it will be very difficult even with many ads to break even or keep developers paid.

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I mean, really all community’s are either overused or underused. There are multiple sucsesful SCP groups but it will be tough getting past the top 5 or so.

Sent. Odalric#4364 is my discord.

I’d be happy to help as a BUILDER, as I am experienced with SCPFs for a few years, as well as building for a few years. Hit me up! andrew.#1845

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