Hiring Scripter for Duck Game [$120 + 20%]

Hey everyone, I’m Iceblaster500. I’m looking for a long-term scripter who wants the opportunity to script something meaningful and possibly lucrative.

Update! Here are some pictures of our game so far.

Recently, the original scripter decided to leave on short notice so I am opening this position again.

About The Job

The game will be a simulator about ducks and should not be extremely difficult.

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Create a pet system (in client)
  • Create an item dropper
  • Buying zones
  • Hatching systems
  • Etc.

I have all the tasks the scripter needs to do written down on a Google document.

I expect that the scripter will be able to finish the tasks in a month or less (given that you spend time on this everyday), and I expect that the scripter will communicate quick and effectively.


$120 USD via PayPal + 20% of the game’s profits. I’m willing to negotiate if I see that you meet the requirements and are as passionate about this as me.

Since I am giving a percentage of the game’s profit, you are becoming a team member. This means we will be updating the game after it is released.

I am very passionate about this, and I will be investing at least 10k robux into this.
Note: I am going to invest much more than 10k; 10k is just a guaranteed amount.


15 years or older to apply. Drop your discord name and portfolio below.


I am Interesting
Discord : JavKingz#5408

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Hi I own a developing team which makes projects/games/assets/places for people. If you gave us the opportunity to make your game, we would make it fast and efficiently. If you are interested in us, please contact me at: [ Unique#2978 ]
Thanks! :smiley:

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If you are applying, I do need to see your portfolio.
As well as any previous experiences you have had.

Heya! I am interested in the job.

My discord name and tag: bobjeffgilbert98#2250

My resume^

Position is still open, message or post below.

Hey, I am interested. I am Nv#2008

I am still looking for someone.

Position is still available.
I really need a proficient scripter who wants a chance at a great opportunity.
I’ll explain more of the details beforehand.

Added pictures of the game, for anyone who may be possibly interested.

if you ever need a builder come to me I make custom models, build and make logos I also have my own website and youtube followings with over 100 subs so that more people can see your game if interested here is my portfolio it shows everything in there [Portfolio] Builder/modeler For HIRE

Interested : [OPEN] Wqund - Scripter
Discord : PirateDev#4309

Still looking, post if interested.

Please sent me a discord friend request as I have a resume. :slight_smile:


I also should mention that this is a lead scripter job, meaning that the person selected will be the only programmer.

Hey, I might be interested. Add me on discord (Rezault#5867).

The position is still available.

Hi, I’m interested in the position. Check out my past works here (click “Expand” towards the upper right).

As for the tasks you listed, they would be fairly easy for me to complete and the time frame seems about right. You can contact me on discord at Besse#3858 or here on the devforums. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

I’m interested : Ozmius' Scripting Portfolio
Discord : Oz#5617