Hitting "Bad Request 400" error page consistently

I don’t know where else to post this. I’m a serious full time Roblox developer and I’m unable to access the website or developer forum (I’m posting using my cell network.)

I was uploading dragon sounds and atmospheric bird/cricket sounds, then suddenly I’m getting “Bad Request 400” every time I view a page on my home network. I’d include images and audio examples but I can only post this from my phone.

I assume I’m IP banned. I have had hundreds of assets falsely moderated, but nothing like this has ever happened. I have a son to support and would never risk his future by uploading inappropriate content.

My game brings Roblox a ton of revenue. I overwork myself every day to achieve this and I have a family to support. I love Roblox, but this is ridiculous and makes me want to leave.

I can’t imagine what smaller developers put up with.


How long has this been happening? A while ago I accidentally made a few false web-requests resulting in what seemed like a temporary ip ban which lasted roughly 6 hours.

(Could have been on my network’s end)

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It started within 15 minutes of this being posted:

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Most likely just a site bug, you wouldn’t even be able to load the site in the case of an IP ban

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I also have the same thing like you but I think this is not an IP banned.
if you have an IP banned you automaticlly get white screen or a bad request on the roblox website.

if you get this bad request, that mean your not ban but the website have a technical problem.
on the recent roblox annoucement post it was about this:

and if you read it very carefully.

so yeah it really break the website but they wanna try to make the website safe for everybody.
and if you wanna see the problem around the world you can go look here:
Roblox outage map | Downdetector
all country report the same thing but its really bumpy chart when this problem start

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Yeah, this happens sometimes you got to wait a while for it to be fixed. I had same problem before I waited a couple hours or so and I was fine after.

Tomarty, I understand your frustration given your circumstances, but I also think is not an IP ban. Have you tried to access Roblox from the same computer using another browser or cleared your cache on your default browser?

I don’t know what’s happening. It periodically happens on my mobile network too (might just be left over pages from when it was on my home network.)

I cleared my cache, restarted my computer, and restarted my home network (RIP many months of uptime.) It still happens. I have a feeling enabling a VPN would solve the issue.


This is certainly not an IP ban; However, if you still have doubts try turning on a VPN and connect to the website.

When you get IP Banned from Roblox, you don’t even get to the website. The server just refuses to communicate with a 403 error. This is most likely a bug, from what I see.


I enabled a VPN and it fixed it for me.

I uploaded the sounds on an alternate account. Perhaps the alternate account is banned, but I’m stuck with the side effects.


Huh, weird behavior. Never seen something similar to that before.

I had something like this happen to me a few months ago. I’m trying to remember what I had to do to fix it. But pretty similar: I couldn’t access Roblox on my home network & it was related to creating a new account.


I don’t know if Roblox has anything against VPNs in their ToS. If they don’t I say give it a shot and see what happens. But take a deep breath, calm down and look at the situation rationally. If you were really banned, you would be receiving different messages from the site, as other user pointed out. You’re not IP banned and your account has not been terminated. Your way of supporting your family is intact. This probably has to do with the new X-CSRF update and the Roblox staff should be seeing this thread soon enough and making something about it. In the meantime, your best course of actions is to try to reach to Roblox through other appropriate channels or work on something else on your game while the situation is not solved. You said you’re unable to use the site or forum. So, since you’re a full time dev, take work from your TODO list that doesn’t involve those inaccessible environments and work on them while the situation gets fixed. Best of luck to you!



I doubt this is an IP ban because I’m getting the same problem. I’m currently taking a break from development on this site, but I still, actively play games. I just started to have the same problem today around 8:00 PM EST and I highly doubt this caused by my account being banned since I barely talk in-game/upload any assets within the past year or so. Every time I click a hyperlink within the Roblox website I get an error 400 bad requests. On an occasion I’m able to load to the home page but nothing else. I honestly think it’s a website bug/problem that should be fixed within a day or so. I’ve checked on down detector for Roblox if the servers are down, and there has been a large number of reports done today. Hopefully, this problem can be fixed soon.

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Now that I can post from my computer. I got this page at 4:38 PM PST:

Now I get this:

This morning I uploaded a TRex sound that failed to pass moderation. What’s frustrating is that I uploaded the exact same sound sheet yesterday, but I didn’t like how one of them sounded so I had reuploaded with part of it removed.

Here’s part of the sound (it’s licensed so don’t use/distribute.) It’s a bit loud but should be fine, especially considering it passed yesterday.

Here’s a few seconds of the sound I uploaded before this all happened:

We pay to upload sound assets. You’d think the moderation would be decent and reasonably consistent.


Try going on a different browser and see if the problem is still there.

I enabled a VPN and I can access the site now. It still happens if I disable the VPN.

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I am very happy to hear that! I hope nothing goes wrong in time coming.

This does seem like an IP ban issue, but it’s not considering the fact you wouldn’t get a runtime error, you’d only get a Access Denied page, with the exact same font and layout, with the iconic white page.

Could just be an issue with the way your accessing the site. Might be router, or IP conflictions on your personal computer. Not to much of an expert on this, but maybe looking into personal computer issues could help!

I also say this, because VPNs change IPs edit with a temporary one.