Hitting escape doesn't open up the menu


Escape menu doesn’t open up after this recent update, happens on both my Win10 machines (after forcing an update on the 2nd). It still works on the client.


I am experiencing the same issue on both Windows 10 and Windows 7.


Do you have the Studio setting ‘Respect Studio shortcuts when game has focus’ enabled?

Release Notes for 343

Yes. With that setting disabled, the escape menu works. It looks like pressing escape now clears the selection, which is sinking input for the escape menu.


It seems that another result of this new keybind is that Esc no longer closes the Find menu (Ctrl-F) in the script editor. This issue persists whether the ‘Respect Studio shortcuts…’ setting is toggled or not.


I was testing a custom camera with lock center enabled and it was really annoying trying to stop the test.


Bug still pertaining.