Studio shortcuts should be sunk if game processes them

Continuing the discussion from Hitting escape doesn't open up the menu:

As a Roblox developer it is annoying to use shortcuts such as pressing esc to open menu in play solo.

There have been several reports of this, but as bug reports.

The problem is that respect studio shortcuts sinks game inputs, since the esc shortcut clears the selection in the explorer, that sinks input for menu shortcut. For first-person games, this is very annoying. You have to press the windows key or something else that makes your computer lose focus of Roblox studio. This is straight up terrible ux. But if I disable this setting, this means I can’t use shortcuts like ctrl + k for clearing the console, or selecting an instance in the explorer and deleting it by pressing backspace to test code that reacts to the removal of the instance. Or just to see how my game works without it in general. The only other solution is to change the shortcut to another keybind, but this is just as bad ux as pressing a key that makes you lose focus of studio.

If I am focused on the explorer then it is expected that studio shortcuts should work in there and sink game inputs, and not not work because I disabled the respect shortcuts setting.

Likewise, if I am focused on the game then it is expected that shortcuts in the game will sink studio shortcut inputs.

If this feature gets added it will alleviate a ton of headaches as well as define this behavior a bit better as it removes confusion


My game uses the shift, ctrl and alt keys a lot for placing objects. When testing this in studio, I constantly end up toggling random features and opening windows I have never seen before because studio shortcuts aren’t disabled when playing the game