Hold E to pick up (Scripting help needed)

I don’t like the look of the proximity prompt and I am trying to make my own “Hold E to pick up” I want it to be kind of similar to the bloxburg one. And I am also trying to make the place item thing like bloxburg, I am very unexperinenced and I am trying my best, could anyone help? (sorry if this is the wrong category I am not really on here much)

Check this link out: Proximity Prompt Customizer

Alternatively, you could use a BillboardGUI and apply some custom code, but this is a complicated process if you don’t want it to run poorly or be bugged.

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Thank youu Ill try that, but is there anything you have for like placing down items from your inventory ??

I would suggest looking at these articles:

this type of code you are trying to make is leaning more to a advanced type. I would suggest you learn a bit of coding and this would be wayyy easier. Dont try to build your game piece by piece on tutorials. Trust me every beginner dev did this mistake then got frusturated when a topic too advanced for tutorials came up. Instead learn the basics and follow from there.

Helpful beginner tutorial:

Yea that makes sense every time I try to script I get frustrated and stop doing it just to come back a few months later on the same project

All of us were like that here. And getting into scripting is not hard at all in the beginning and by the time you have more experience you will have more willpower to learn advanced tasks. Trust me with consistent learning, watching tutorials, posting and reading on the devforum, you will do great :+1:

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