Proximity Prompt Customizer


Do you love proximity prompts? Do you wish it was easier to customize them?? Say no more.

:sparkles: :art: Introducing the Proximity Prompt Customizer :art: :sparkles:

It supports everything from basic customization…

… to advanced customization! :sparkles: :star: :dizzy:

Just follow the following steps.

  1. Clone the model into your workspace

  2. Move ProximityPromptScript into StarterPlayerScripts

  3. Set a ProximityPrompt's style to Custom

  4. Modify the default prompt provided as a child of ProximityPromptScript to your liking

And voila! You should see the changes you’ve made immediately reflected in game :tada:

Themes are also supported!

  1. Clone the default proximity prompt and rename it to the name of your theme

  2. On your ProximityPrompt instance, add a string attribute called Theme, and set the value to the themes name.

And your prompts will be properly themified :tangerine: :apple: :lemon:

Here is a copy of the readme provided with the model - it repeats whats said above but with a bit more information and an FAQs section!

:cactus: Welcome to the Proximity Prompt Customizer :cactus:
This is a free model that make it easier to :sparkles: customize :sparkles: Proximity Prompts within any experience.

The code is adapted from the sample provided here:
ProximityPrompt.Style ¹ :nail_care:


To get started with this model, follow the following steps:

:one: Place ProximityPromptScript in StarterPlayerScripts.
:two: Set one of your ProximityPrompt instances to have a Style of Custom.²
:three: Expand the Default BillboardGui that is a child of ProximityPromptScript. This is the default prompt UI. Feel free to look around. Don’t remove or rename any elements though - this risks breaking the script. If you want to hide something, make the element fully transparent.
:four: As a test, modify the background color of the PromptFrame.
:five: Press Play :arrow_forward: You should now see the ProximityPrompt you set to have a Style of Custom
with a different background color.

And there you go! Customize away.³ Once again do NOT remove any of these elements from the prompt - the script will break on removal of most of them. Adding elements is fine⁴ - make sure the names don’t conflict with existing ones though :dancing_women:


If you would like to make any prompts in your experience have a different theme, duplicate the Default BillboardGui and rename it to the name of your theme. On the ProximityPrompt object, add a Theme attribute of type String that matches this theme’s name. The script will prefer the BillboardGui object with a matching name over the default :art:


Q: How do I get the default UI back :sob:
A: If you need to grab the default prompt again for whatever reason, I have it uploaded here for easy cloning: Default Proximity Prompt - Roblox

Q: The circular progress bar isn’t showing – where’d it go :face_with_monocle:
A: Does your ProximityPrompt have a HoldDuration of 0? HoldDuration must be set to a value > 0 for the progress bar to show.

Q: Whats the difference between ButtonText/ButtonImage/ButtonTextImage :confused:
A: They are used for different input modes :symbols:
- Gamepad inputs use ButtonTextImage, with the image set to an icon corresponding to the input.
- Touch inputs use ButtonImage, with the image set to an icon of a pointer.
- Keyboard inputs use ButtonImage along with either ButtonText or ButtonTextImage, depending on what the KeyboardKeyCode in each prompt is set to. If it’s something like a Shift key, it will use ButtonTextImage to display an ⇧, and the ButtonImage is used to display the keyboard key outline. If it’s a key that can be rendered just using text, it will use ButtonText.

Excited to see what y’all make :blush:
~ Bitwise (@BitwiseAndrea) :older_woman:t4:

¹ The main changes from the script are some element renaming, swapping out a few Frames for ImageLabels to support image backgrounds, and (mostly) fixing an inconsistency between the code sample and the behavior of the default ProximityPrompt UI.
² Custom is what indicates to the ProximityPromptScript to provide alternative UI to the default. ProximityPromptStyle
³ Hate having to move UI elements into PlayerGui to see preview them? Check out my UI Previewer plugin.
⁴ Any child of the PromptFrame, ActionText, or ObjectText will be tweened out with it’s parent. Children of other elements (like the InputFrame or any stuff around the Button) aren’t currently supported, but if theres a strong use case, it can be added!

Check it out here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you have any feature requests or feedback, please share in the comments :slight_smile: :cactus:


Wow! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try this out!

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This looks fabulous! I’ll be bookmarking this for later!


Looks pretty cool!! I myself was never really a fan of the proximity prompt because of the looks of it. I always made my own custom prompt script so I got the look I wanted. But now that I can customizing it is easily I might just check it out. :+1:


This looks cool, Keep up the great work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m working on an UNDERTALE themed game and I use a lot of proximity prompts and I was searching for an efficient way of editing them, this is absolutely perfect!

It looks easy to use and I’m sure it will help a lot of peoples including me.

Keep up the good work!


absolutely amazing! i am going to enjoy playing around with this! :slight_smile:

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Looks cool! Will try this out!


I’m surprised this is barely mentioned, because it does let you do lots of things with it


Thank you for all of your helpful resources!


I know it’s late to revive a topic like this, but I have to say thank you, @BitwiseAndrea, this is so much easier and I have used it to create custom proximity prompts for my game!


Thank you for the amazing resource! I didn’t use it but I took some methods to create my own!

Hello! Great resource! I did come across an issue that I am unsure of how to fix. I edited the default style to look like this:

But when I try it in-game it does this for some reason:

Just kinda flickers for a second and then it disappears.

Everything except what’s circled in red is fully transparent.

Sorry for the trouble

Great job! It really brings the prompt to life, rather than the boring modern style.

:slight_smile: Definitely downloading this, it really looks helpful!

not working for me. Does anyone have a video tutorial on this?

how would i be able to do advance customization?


For some reason it sometimes doesnt scale correctly. The function updateUIFromPrompt sometimes make text appear out of the proximity box.

Step to reproduce: Set object text to something large.

But for small texts it works perfectly!

Also If I manually make a copy of a default ProximityPrompt generated by Roblox it has different naming and different childs layout from the default prompt you provide.

The one from Roblox and mine differ because recently I updated the Roblox one to work with automatic size :smiley: And i’m working on making a v2 of this to handle that. Just need a bit of free time. Once i finish that your problem should be solved.


It doesn’t work…