Hole in torso but you can see shirt too

is there are possible way to create a hole in torso so shirt still keeps on it?
if yes then please tell me

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Probably the best way is to just do negation using union operations.

i tried but its just plastic part on it and i cant see shirt

That’s because you didn’t apply the texture on it.

OH,thank you i remmember that there are texture stuff

but wait how i make it on full?

What do you mean by making on full?

like its not working its just shows the whole texture image

Can I see how it looks like? Would be better five there’s a screenshot.


Oh dear, then I assume my solution wouldn’t work because the image will be following a certain format in order to correct the texture of the character. Sorry to say this but you’re screwed, there’s no way you could make this.

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but i seen someone made it but how?

Where? Who? When? Can you provide any evidence?

here is one image

Is that an NPC or a real player?

npc but there is real player too lemme find one

This is textured and meshed in blender

That’s the point. We all have different character models, means different texturing. That only works because the whole texture of the torso because it’s only red color.

here is player one image

but as you see behind it you can see some sort of text