"Holes" in various textures

Various textures in studio & in-game (hence why I believe it to be an engine related bug) are having transparent blocks appear in the middle of sections where the texture uses black. You can see in this gif that the red “blocks” change color with the body part color changing, as the rest of the car is a decal layered on top of the mesh. I just started noticing this issue today, September 28th.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

As far as which textures deal with this problem, it’s a bit random.
Looking at all of my Camaro based models, 5 out of 10 are affected, with all but two being uploaded by different people. The two uploaded by the same person, one is affected and one isn’t.
ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)

Places where these holes appear are only areas where the texture has color (0,0,0)

On a related note, sections of textures have had their quality reduced greatly as well:

To be clear though, this is an issue with textures and not with meshes, as the same texture on a block, results in the same issue:

The decal in question shown above, is this asset.


Hi GeorgeTheDev,

These textures were generated using an older version of our DXT/ETC tool. I’ve gone ahead and removed the old versions. If you request these again you should get textures without the holes. Regarding textures with image quality issues can you provide IDs of the assets and I can check if those were also generated using the old tool.


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As I was going to retrieve the Pink Car from my post, I noticed the quality has returned. Everything appears back to normalcy now, thanks!

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We did turn off the feature because of reports of quality issues with clothing textures. We will re-enable it once clothing quality issues have been fixed. At that time you might see some quality issues mainly around textures that contain text. Please let us know the asset IDs of those textures so we can improve the quality. Alternately you can replace those textures with higher resolution ones to address quality issues since DXT textures will use less memory, thus allowing you to use higher res texture images.

Thanks for your understanding.


The images uploaded in question are already 2048x2048 textures. I’m assuming I wouldn’t need to attempt to upload larger than that?

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Last I checked, the max Roblox allows is 1024x1024 and it will scale down anything that is higher-dimensional like that after uploading to fit within those bounds. There’s not really a point in uploading it in higher dimensions than that, it’ll just be scaled down.


It’s more for the moderation aspect. Moderation sees native resolution according to multiple sources I’ve talked to at RDCs in the past.

If I scaled down to 1024x1024, some logos might be considered “small text” and the image would be denied. 2048x2048 is a common texture size for racecar textures on other platforms as well, making transferring designs that I make on other platforms to here, easier.


Don’t quote me on this, but I assume you misinterpreted what they said, and they meant that the images are viewed in the resolution they are uploaded in post-scaling (which is the native resolution of the asset). Not the resolution of your actual original source image (since I don’t think they even store this).

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I made it very clear at RDC ‘18 to then Head of Moderation Tools. His exact words were “if you upload it in 8k, moderation sees it in 8k”

This was one of the things he had been working on (and he said he finished it) however he went to Facebook a few months later before completing some other tools for moderation that likely would’ve helped have less false negatives and false positives in Moderation of decals / clothes.

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