Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020!

I can I at least tell the admin i mess up the other person is coming his username is ateamgaming52

Holiday Game Jam? Sounds good for me!

Hi, is there a game jam age requirement to apply? This sounds really cool!

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I the rule book it never say that we can rechoose

Doesn’t seem to be listed here on the post, if it was going to be an issue, they would’ve listed it. However, I don’t recommend using a ton of free models if you will be using them.

Nope, sorry to burst your bubble, you can’t edit (which would mean rechoose) your entry.

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Oh so redue the survey right? or am I wrong? please say something

hello I will you to be in my team

Question, what if the game is centered around vr? I’m thinking some sort of nice vr combat game, immersive, etc. I haven’t seen any of those.

Will everyone have to fill the form or only one person from the team?

Does the entire dev team get a brand new computer monitor or just one person?

Already answered.

Each person will get a monitor, just as each person in the group will receive the gift cards. :smiley:

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Pretty sure this game jam is just for fun. Just like every other game jam, Even outside of Roblox.


Everyone in first place get’s a monitor

Okay so, can we make a 2D game? It’s just a plane B if we meet up on a building, script, Models…

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No, that’s NOT a creative name.

This sounds fun! Count me already in! :grinning:

I thinks she was being sarcastic lol.

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I WAS being sarcastic. Don’t you get the joke? It’s ok.

I feel like this is more of a competition rather than a gamejam because of the amount of time allowed, however it seems like a really fun challange. I can’t wait to participate with my team!

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