Holiday DevEx Processing

Hey developers,

As we get closer to the holiday season, Roblox will have limited staff available to process DevEx requests. We strongly advise you to submit DevEx requests early in December rather than later in the month as DevEx processing will slow down around the middle of the month for the holiday break. Response times will pick back up in early January when we return to our normal work schedule.

Happy holidays!


Developer Relations


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Thank you for taking the time to let us know! Hope the staff have a nice holiday break!

As a recommendation, it would be great if there was a little warning on the DevEx page letting developers know that this is happening, for people who don’t use the Developer Forum and also as a friendly reminder for those who do use the developer forum!

Something along the lines of this:

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Do I sound like a newbie, as usual, when I say this isn’t a big deal?


It would be a bigger deal to people who, for one reason or another, are relying on DevEx requests taking the same amount of time as they normally do.


This has always been an issue—DevEx has always slowed down near the end of the year, since there are less staff and everyone wants to exchange the ideal amount before the tax year ends. It’s just that now there’s a warning about it, which will maybe discourage people sending requests at the end of the year, which is a good thing.

I do think there are problems with the DevEx system in general though; our relationship with Roblox as independent contractors is very shaky, and it’s quite unusual that we’re evaluated in robux which we “exchange” at any time after we’ve made value for Roblox, but only after Roblox’s judgement over whether we should be paid for work that they didn’t explicitly contract us for. It’s a little backwards, and I think it needs to change at some point. It also kind of sucks that most roblox developers are young and naive enough to not understand why this system is flawed, and just go with the flow because we (at least those with successful games) are making money at the end of the day.


I would love to, but is there any news to if there’s a fix coming for this Developer Exchange Bug on the pipeline? Especially with the Holidays coming up, people like me haven’t been able to DevEx because of this entirely.


My apologies if I sounded inconsiderate.

I was just confused given I’m a newbie :sweat_smile:

I DevEx on the 1st of each month anyways so this shouldn’t be a problem! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you Roblox though for the notice.

Happy holidays! Enjoy the break!

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Nope, I totally agree that this isn’t a big deal.
Of course it’s unfortunate, but they announce it a good time on beforehand with this post, so if someone really relies on DevEx before the end of the year, they still have plenty of time.

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Are there any plans to automate the devex process? I feel as if having to rely on employees being in office is a bit redundant, especially for scalability.


Just submitted for review :crossed_fingers:
Quick question: will there be a delay in just the time ti review of the whole process? This is my first tome exchanging.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the update.
Have a great break and see you guys soon!


Thanks for the notice. I hope the staff have a great break. :happy2:

No, if there was a bot doing it there would be lots of bugs or issues, such as someone that got the robux by scamming people and a person not checking how they got the robux, but if it was a person doing it then they would be able to make full checks on everything.


Wdym No? there are always going to be issues that they would have to find solutions for, such as if an account has good history with dev-ex, it would be automatically processed, however if the account recently received a moderation action it would need to be reviewed manually.

I don’t understand how they would scam someone anyways, you can only devex funds you made from games, or UGC sales.

If the game is a scam game, they don’t usually stay up long, or they’re mass reported.


That’s not the point. The problem is that we have these long DevEx processing months in the Holidays / whenever it is said needed.

Warning people is one thing and it does help in many cases, but ideally we shouldn’t have to worry about staggering our bills/expenses in the first place.

I really agree with @DataBrain’s sentiment that DevEx has to change in some way, because Roblox could easily just say no to giving me my pay.


Yes you’re absolutely right, and I did not mean to turn down any complaints in this thread. In fact if Roblox reads them, they’ll hopefully soon improve the DevEx process to avoid this delay.
But what I meant to say is that for now, Roblox probably had their reason for this, and that the best thing they could do is just announce it on beforehand.

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I sent my first devex request probably less than a week ago and I know it usually takes 3ish weeks for the first ever devex to process, is the holiday hour thing going to make it take longer than 3 weeks? It’s alright if it does, was just wondering.