HolidayPwner's "Special" Lighting Recipe

Hello there fellow RBXDev users,

Since it is still my first day on the forums, I thought it was a good idea to reveal my new and improved lighting recipe for you guys. I’ll explain it step by step so you won’t get lost! Also if you are unfamiliar with my lighting, this is what it can do.

Step one, change the following lighting properties according to the picture down below. Along with that, add a bloom of 0.05 intensity.

Step two, use the mesh ID: rbxassetid://10061232 to form a sphere, then enlarge it to a scale to about [-2000,-2000,-2000.] You do not need to give this mesh a decal, since its color will be based upon the part you placed this mesh inside.

Step three, there really isn’t much after this, but change all the material in the game to smooth plastic. Sometimes it’s best to use regular plastic on some surfaces than others due to the reflection of the sun.

And there you have it! I hope this step-by-step recipe helps you if you want build something spectacular! If you have any problems or concerns along the way, feel free to respond down below! I would also appreciate some amazing feedback as well as pictures of your builds! I feel it brings us members closer together as a family!


While it looks somewhat better than the “before”, I think the bloom is way too strong.

The rock on the left side is almost blinding.


The bloom actually does not affect the lighting too much. Infact, even with the bloom disabled, the rocks barely change color since they were a light color to start off. What is really affecting the rock to look blinding is the time of day. The location of the sun is actually in front of the house, so you don’t really see it in this picture.

These settings seem to be great for screenshots but would be tedious to play with. Nice tutorial though!

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Thanks, chef!
Will use and modify to my likings. Not sure if I’m going to be using it in Project Color, though. :hidere:

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