Home page is difficult to use on large monitors

Posting on behalf of @KaranBlox
With ROBLOX’s removal of User Ads, the center part of the homepage fills up the entire viewport. The new homepage is huge and eye-tiring especially on large monitors, as it requires looking across the entire width of the screen.

The design with padding on the horizontal edges decreases eye strain, allows for game tiles to be easier selected, and allows room for new advertising methods such as sponsored items on the edges.

(Left new, Right old)

(Old image taken from ROBLOX Fandom Wiki.)


ill tell you something wrong with those images is the discord light-mode website setting it is blinding me

but yeah the new website layout without the user ads are annoying the icons are too big


You can use ropro or rogold i think or btr to get the old layout but without ads ofc

I will send a screenshot if i find one

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It’s a little different from the original one but that is because i customized mine a little bit.

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