HOMESTORE SiGN↓ Detailed Model

A while back I was in MrDie’s merch store and I noticed that the same sign was being used there for most homestores, which looked like this:

I decided that for my homestores, I would make a very detailed and realistic version of that, as well as less laggy.

Images of the build:

SurfaceAppearance was used to make it shiny just like a real life sign.

Performance test: You need approximately 12,000 of these on a 512x512 baseplate to crash a low-end smartphone.


Nice Detail! I really like this.


This is over detailed and the resolution of the words are fairly low. :weary:


I would higher the pixels per stud on the surace gui to make the text resopution higer


Oh wow, that exists! I actually never knew that property even existed, but I will do it in future. Thanks!

It has near-identical lag properties to the original model, so I see little problem in that.

It’s not even about the lag anymore. Would you actually see a sign that detailed in real life?


If you’re using textlabels/textbuttons for the buy buttons, I’d suggest turning up the pixels per stud in the surfacegui to get higher quality text

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it looks good nicely detailed :star_struck: i just don’t like how the words look

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The model of the sign is perfect, but just work on the detail and resolution of the text.

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