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Honey’s Farm
“Sweetness determined by nature”

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Here is a list of all of the ranks of Honey’s Farm and their tasks.
:star: - Applicable/Application Required
:crescent_moon: - Earned through activity
:cloud: - Not applicable/achievable

:star: LR Ranks

  • Farmer - Farmers practice farm tasks depending on seasons
  • Gardener - Gardeners plant flowers and crops depending on what’s in bloom.
  • Beekeeper - Beekeepers work the apiary for all seasons except winter.
  • Barista - Baristas make beverages at Honeybun Cafe.
  • Animal Caretaker - Animal Caretakers handle the animals during all seasons. This includes cleaning, and letting in and out of the barn.
  • Pâtissier - Pâtissiers make pastries for Honeybun Cafe.
  • Florist - Florists pick and sell flowers at Honeysuckle Garden and Pure Honey Gift Shop.
  • :crescent_moon: Experienced Honey Farmer - When you are active enough, you get promoted to EHF, where you can now work under every LR Rank.

:crescent_moon::star: MR Ranks

  • :star: Creative Team (See here to see branches)
  • Workforce Assistant - Staff with this rank assist HR’s with whatever tasks they must handle.
  • Interviewer - Staff with this rank interview LR applicants.
  • Supervisor - Staff with this rank watch over LR staff and guests at the farm.

:crescent_moon::star: HR Ranks

  • Management Team - Staff with this rank basically watch over all ranks and guests.
  • PR Officer - These workers handle our relations with other groups.
  • Creative Director - Staff with this rank handle mainly everything design-wise with Honey’s Farm
  • :cloud: Board of Directors - These workers work alongside the owners to help plan and decide major concept ideas. In order to get to this rank you must be very intimate with the group, but it would be very laborious to work to this rank.

Handbook Gateway: Honey's Farm | Handbook

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