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Hello everyone, I sponsored my game for 4 days for 50 robux a day and I have got more visits than I expected (which was 5 and I expected 1 a day).
Anyways I looked at the developer stats and the most someone has ever played was 1 minute. I would like to know if my game is not worth playing over a minute.
Game link: The Insane {ALPHA} [REMAKE] - Roblox
Developer States


Visiting Length too low = bad first impressions:

(TL;DR below if this is too long)

The main (bunker part) gameplay is actually pretty engaging to me, it's not bad quite fun. But the Tutorial - labelled as important - is no doubt where players will go first. The tutorial is nowhere near as engaging as the bunker portion of the game.

The tutorial room is quiet, the subtitles are a little slow, the room is pretty bland. Add some music or background noise you’d hear in this facility, or some NPCs also practicing aim. If it’s a possibility to you, use Voice Lines.

If your visit time isn’t long the main issue is usually first impressions, which of course is the tutorial and main menu - so perhaps the main menu could use some change too: it’s a horror game, and the main menu is elevator music in a brightly lit lift, the most change being that it shakes every now and then.
The game’s premise according to the description is the bunker. So place the main menu camera in a bunker, where it’s dark and the ambience is creepy, maybe have a figure run by on intervals. An brightly lit elevator with calm music doesn’t exactly depict horror.

TL;DR (shortened version)

  • The actual gameplay isn’t bad, but the main menu doesn’t show it’s creepy, it’s about a bunker so show the player the scary, dark, bunker in the main menu, not a brightly lit elevator. Update the GUI, such as the Controls menu, it’s out of place with no background - a little confusing.

  • The tutorial is bland - add some movement and sounds (E.g. voicelines). Have things happening around the player, or you get bored quickly.


Don't just take my words as fact because it's just my opinion - ask your friends to play it too, and ask them for a brutally honest opinion, get a general idea of what people think.

I think this game has potential, it’s actually pretty interesting. Based on your profile though you seem to be dropping it. I’ll still make a donation as I want to support your future development, even if in other games. It has 15 likes and 1 dislike - so most people enjoyed it! Keep working on it, best of luck to you! :smile: :+1:

Last notes

  • Your gamepass icon is cropped incorrectly (below)
  • Also, other game developers spend a lot more than 50 Robux on sponsors, I don’t expect everyone to of course, but that may bring less impressions.
  • And in the game, subtitles start playing before the gender option and skill boost is picked, meaning you can’t see them well/read them.
  • Have a display show remaining ammo
  • Have a display for the “SurvivalPoints” mentioned in the description

Finally, if people are leaving early - perhaps they got too scared lol :wink:


I did not like the tutorial. I left almost immediately.

But the actual game is amazing! I think players don’t need the tutorial, just make it so when they are holding the gun they know what keys do what.

Also, how did you make the entity noises? I want to make scary noises for my game tool


Okay, I played your game for like 20 minutes. It was awesome! I think I would like to come back and play with my friends.

I think more ammo would be better, and more scream noises from the entities. It’s super unsettling, and whenever I waited for the entity to come my breathing went hard.

Really great job!

Thank you for the feedback and listing out the problems I need to fix. Also, a really big thank you for donating, it’s gonna go towards advertising once I fix everything. I might not drop the game entirely, I just wanna see where it goes first in a few months and work on it since I regained motivation. I’m also gonna scrap the tutorial, change the elevator so the doors open slightly and you hear laughter or chuckles. then the doors slowly close. I’ll also make the player see text on their screen telling them how to turn on the flashlight and shoot the gun. The player will have to figure out how to shoot and check the ammo.
I really appreciate you playing and giving me feedback, and donating. :grin:

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Thank you for playing!
I’m thinking of scraping the tutorial because as Archon mentioned, it’s not engaging, boring, and very bland. So, I will just show some text telling them how to turn on flashlight and shoot. The player will have to figure out how to check and reload ammo.

Also, I got the entity sounds from the toolbox and messed with the playback speed and volume.
Lastly, my game is single player but I was thinking of making it at least 2 player once my game gets more attention (Like at least once I hit 1k visits or 5k).

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After grinding a lot today I have managed to fix and change some of the things you mentioned.
As of now I changed it where one of the elevator doors open and you hear breathing and laughing.
The music is now a piano playing some sad song I got off the toolbox.
The tutorial is gone and instead I put two basics down at the start in the actual gameplay.
(Press f for flashlight and leftclick to shoot)

I also fixed the bug where the dialogue starts before you pick anything.
I figured the player would be able to figure out the rest when they read the controls. If there’s anything else you would like to add then please let me know. I also might not drop this game just yet, I have hope still lol.

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The actual gameplay isn’t bad, key binds are good, I didn’t experience any lag but the main point is the design overall, it doesn’t feel that scary in almost all aspects, the flashlight is on point it fits the vibe but the building is overall really bad. My suggestion is updating graphics and weapons.

Yea, I see what you mean. I’m not much a builder and I don’t know how to use Blender. If you wouldn’t mind, do you have an suggestions so I can start working on them?

You’re game’s pretty good! I don’t get scared easily, but I did get a vibration up my spine when I saw that zombie type thing. Best of luck!

Myself, I’m not what I would say “talented in blender” but I’m really good in studio, I’d just say as long as you have a creative mindset while building in Roblox studio it will turn out really nice.

its 4 am and i joined to see whats up first 10 seconds in and i never left so fast i dont know why im terrified but im probably not sleeping for awhile - the environment is too good that you’re scaring off your players :skull: or maybe its just cause im easily startled

Lol, I convinced a streamer to join my game and she left the game when she encountered the first monster. Thanks for playing!

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I see, so for studio I use a lot of unions and negative parts, do you do this also?

Thank you for playing! I also appreciate you getting scared/startled. I’ve always wanted to make someone at least jump when making this.

XD. Looks like your doing your job a lil TOO well. I played around for a while, but tbh, I was kinda confused. What am I actually supposed to do in the game? Just shoot the zombie things?

Hey! I’m about to test your game. Heres a few things I noticed in the main menu already.
‘Turn Volume Up Until you Hear the Laugh!’. Why are some words capitalised and others aren’t? I think only using capitals on the first word would look best.
Also, the font that you use for ‘THE INSANE’ looks great, but the fonts for ‘play’, ‘credits’, etc. don’t really fit the creepy vibe. It’s not that bad but I think it could improve the menu with little effort.

I’m not sure what happened here but you should get rid of the volume thing as soon as you hit play.

And then theres this, this does not fit the horror theme at all, and the ui style is way different than the style you used before. You should make it more similar to the main menu.

This also doesn’t really fit well with everything. You really should try to use one style of ui everywhere.

Another thing that looks off is the yellow neon lights that emit white light. You should consider making the yellow colour white and maybe adding a bit more lights or making the flashlight brighter because I really can’t see anything at all.

I just died and that was so scary… It happened so quick though, I could barely see what happened. I think adding more lights or making the flashlight a bit brighter could help with that, or making the creeps do less damage.

On a positive note though, this game is absolutely terrifying and I’ve been shaking the whole time.


So the purpose of the game is to escape the bunker, but I should’ve probably added in a task thing to tell the player. You have to find the emergency exit to escape and it requires a keycard that you have to find.

Thank you for playing!
Also thank you for the Gui recommendations, I’m not the best at Gui Design and Building. Only scripting/programming, and I’m still trying to learn everyday.
Do you have any ideas on how I can make my style better? Cause I was just thinking of having a black screen and then white text for the guis. Then maybe change the text font to something else.
I will also change the lights to white, I have no idea why I did yellow lol. I’m also glad you got scared, I hope I didn’t scare you that badly.
I also changed the flashlight where you can barely see the walls, and you can clearly see the enemies when they run in front of you. If it needs to be fixed, let me know because the Future lighting system in roblox is weird but looks good.

I made some changes to the Guis (I mostly just shoved UiCorners into the buttons and labels)


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This is already much better :+1:
The only thing I’d change is the SP location, and then it’s pretty much good to go IMO.

(edited the image a little to show what I mean) This way, it aligns with the Ammo and looks less scattered.

Great updates so far, that main menu is so much better! :smiley: