Horror Game Logo

Alright alright I’m kinda getting good with graphics but here’s a new horror logo I made for practice.

I didn’t wanted to add a bunch of stuff in here because that custom font was enough and I’m not good with horror GFX soo yeah.

And for a horror name I have no idea why I chose “CLOWN”

If there’s any problem with the logo please tell me about that I will try my best to fix it thanks!

Clowns can be scary, not nightmare scary but they do look a bit creepy.

Now mimes, those you have to worry about!

So you want me to change the name to mime? :wink:

No, I was just joking but you can if you want to.

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Is the logo good? I just want to know since I spent a lot of time making this.

Ya, it looks good. It just feels a bit empty, you said you only wanted the font but I think you could add an effect on the edges or around the words.

I am not a big fan honestly because there is a lot of open space. I would put a clown’s face in the logo so you don’t leave so much of the logo blank.
Score: 4/10

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Yup that’s the problem now when you say that the logo is blank it’s actually looking blank I’ll try to make better one.

not bad the only thing that needs to be fixed is the text make the text bigger

I feel as if the background of the text and the background of the whole image don’t match, I would suggest you either change the background’s theme or perhaps the text’s.

I know right I’m now not focusing on this post now as it was a complete fail lol

I kinda became lazy while making I struggled a lot with background I wanted to add a bloody background but you know roblox…