Feedback on my new logo please!

Alright so I made a new logo as my previous one Horror Game Logo was a complete fail lol.

Anyways, Here it is:

So first I want you to have a look on the image so it CLEARLY says “Candy Land!”

Now let’s talk about the colors I literally spent most of the time with color combinations as you can “Candy” is light pink + little bit darker pink gives it a candy effect. (I guess)

And then we have is “Land!” so uhh yeah LAND trees grass landscape lol so that’s why I gave it a nice Light Green + little bit darker green which makes it a grass type of color. (I guess)

Alrighty so now let’s come to the effect I MEAN images so for the word “Candy” I added those swirl candies near each other with a nice stroke of black

Time for “Land!” I gave it some branches to actually make it look like land LOL I placed those lollipops under the word “Land!” because it was looking really nice to me with… that… shape?

But anyways, I hope you will like this image I literally spend 3 HOURS working on this so yeah

(My first ever logo where I spent a lot of time even more than Game logo design (Feedback?) lol)

So yeah I’m tired now I going to take a nap

I’m bad with ENGLISH yeah

Ok bye.

psst… please send some feedback or suggestions I appreciate them!


Does this logo serve a purpose? (game, group, anything of that kind)
I like the color scheme, the word Candy matches with the background and the green in Land finds its place with the green on the lollipops.
Just thought that although the branches are related to the land, they look a little out of place there.

But overall, it is a good logo. :wink:

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Yes it does serve for a purpose I made this logo for my friend’s game and yeah Ik about the branches should I remove them?

I think it would look better without them, but thats personal preference, some people might think otherwise.