How “Built In” is X-Box Support?

Hello! I have a game that currently works fine on PC and mobile. In my game I have click detectors, UI, tools, and other functions that don’t require any keybind code.

Will my game work on X-Box with no additional code?

If so, how well do clicker detectors, UI, etc work on X-Box?

Is additional code only to make a better user experience for an X-Box player?

Is there anything I should note about (scripting wise) when enabling X-Box? (I am already aware of the in-game requirements such as no blood)

Thank you!

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When playing on xbox you can cycle through all the things on your screen it works but is clunky and I would recommend adding buttons to open them

also here’s this for click detectors

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I think you need to assign floating buttons for each click detector you have. This is more for ease of use: moving the stick to aim at the button then pressing the right trigger is slow and a hassle, this is the default if you decide to not add any code for Xbox. UI works differently, you have the press the button with 2 rectangles to activate selection mode then use the directional buttons to highlight a selection then press A to activate, then press it again to deactivate it. If you programmed it for Xbox this would be different, there wouldn’t be the need to activate “selection mode”.

So for additional code, you need to edit the selection hierarchy so that it’s not awkward using the select mode. Assign button assignments for confirm/close/etc. Have floating buttons for click detectors using ContextActionService most of the time for these.

For best experience:

  • Remove the need to use selection mode
  • The order of which items are highlighted makes sense
  • Allow users to chain in button presses to access menus
  • Separate buttons for confirm, cancel, close or any action buttons you may have

You can certainly play all Roblox games without any additional code, but honestly they’re annoying to use and play that I just play with a keyboard instead.

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I was unaware that you had to move the stick to hover over click detectors. I’ll definitely add button-functionality using .magnitude to detect if they are in a reasonable distance to allow them to click a button on their controller. Thank you for the reply, this helped a lot!