How am i able to report bugs and request a feature?

Hello community. I am a developer from unity and a new roblox developer, I am developing a game and i encounter a bug. I want to give request for a feature as well. could anyone lead me on how to achieve that?

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For reporting bugs through the Developer Forum, you would need to request to join the “AllowBugReports” group. After your join request is accepted, you’ll see a “Report bug” button appear next to the “New topic” button.

Unfortunately, for Feature Requests, there currently is not an accessible pathway to gain permission to post in that category, yet. *Most of the users who are allowed to post there right now were promoted to “Regular” rank on the Devleoper Forum through a system that is no longer active.

Alternatively, you can still submit a bug report / feature request through the Roblox Support form by choosing the “Bug Report” or “Ideas & Suggestions” help category. The only caveats with that is that there’s a 1000 character limit for support requests, no ability to attach files such as images, videos, place files, etc., and it might not be guaranteed that any engineers at Roblox will see it if the support request doesn’t get forwarded to them from the support department (whereas the Bug Reports / Feature Requests section of the Developer Forum is actively reviewed by Roblox engineers).

More info about this can be found in an announcement thread from 2 months ago where this subject was discussed: