How BIG can a game be?

Hi everyone,

I have a really ambiguous idea for a large game, however, I do not think the servers can handle it.

Basically there are 5 teams all on one MASSIVE map. And I mean massive.

Here a reference for size; Each of the Red Squares is 2000x2000, means the map would be roughly 7000x7000 studs at the largest.
( For further reference, the Green Square in the middle is 1000x1000, and a BASIC BASEPLACE is 512x512)


I feel that to begin with the size of the map alone would cause problems with lag, but now to the player count

Like I said it is a game with 5 teams. Regardless of the map size, which may already be a problem, I would want 20 people on each team.

Is there, or has there been, a game that can handle 100 players in it’s servers?

This will be a combat and objective game, so the server will also have to handle that.

BASICALLY I do not know the limits of Roblox’s Servers, so I am wondering if a game like this would be possible on Roblox.

This is the idea behind the game, if you are wondering;

The Elder Scroll’s Online PVP mode Cyrodiil, 3 sided combat based objective game where each side has 200 people; effectively having 600 people on a server at once.


It really depends on how you build your map, how much detail you put into your map, what devices you want to play your game, and how your game is programmed.

I would look into Instancing, StreamingEnabled, and dev forum posts about other optimization tricks. I don’t have experience with 100 player servers (sounds like a nightmare :sweat_smile:), but something like custom characters might help reduce memory usage (I’d imagine loading ~3 hats per player would be rough, though also just running the default character scripts and physics in general … :thinking:).

I don’t have experience in this, so anyone else who replies is probably a better source. I would argue that it’s possible, but you would need to have a knowledgeable and specialized team to create something like this.


Right and that is just the issue I am currently having. I have never made a map or a game this big, and I have never made a game with more than 20 players :joy:

I literally just heard of StreamingEnabled right before you replied and was looking into it, so that might be an option.

My biggest worry however is how laggy the server will actually be with 100 players connected, and each of them having several abilites. Even without the abilities, I am sure the servers must at least struggle a little with handling 100 players connections. :sweat_smile:

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If you want a great example of a super well made massive game, take a look into

It’s an FPS battle royale game (it’s Fortnite, who are we kidding :+1:) that’s all open source. They use instancing, StreamingEnabled (I think?), heavily optimized/well written code, and divide their game into multiple places. Its designed for about 60-100 players and the battle map is huge, super detailed, and runs smoothly.


Ahhh now THIS is helpful!

I didn’t even know that Roblox offered a framework for a battle royale game, or else I would have just looked there to begin with.

This will definitely help me with making sure that my game is optimized currently, and helps to reassure me that 100 player games can be ran on Roblox servers. Thanks!


The map and the player count cannot be too small nor too large. There should be a “goldilocks zone”, but this varies upon what the game is about. I’ve joined Roblox admins on testing 100 player servers, and let me tell you. It was so laggy for everyone, the game was practically unplayable. I feel that you could have a pretty large map which is decently intricate, with a 50-75 player count, with a lot of optimization tricks of course. Of course, I haven’t tested it myself so I can’t guarentee anything.


Judging by the battle royale game that was made by Roblox, 100 players seem to work fine. However, that game is very optimized so could really be it.

RBR1 doesn’t really have the advanced map. RBR1 has a very simple map with just terrain and the buildings are also very simple, I don’t think your game would work with a map size like that and a high player count. But if you wanted your map to be about the same size and quality and a 100 members, with all the optimization tricks it might work. Of course, I would suggest a medium-large map with around 75 members, using all the optimization tricks. RBR1 was meant to be a test, not a game that was supposed to be played.