How can I check the value of AllowThirdPartySales?

I would like to find out how to check the boolean value of AllowThirdPartySales from a script so I can let the user know that they can’t donate due to the game’s settings instead of just not working at all with the user confused.

Incase you think this is for a promptpurchase virus, it’s for workFrame Premium, it gives the player perks if the game owner allows the Premium features in their game.

This value does not replicate and it doesn’t actually work.


It does work in live game, but there is an warning in the DevHub stating that it won’t replicate to the client.

It always responds false whether it’s on or not, I’m also checking this on the client.

After researching again, it seems like the property will be deprecated soon. I also did not find any solution to your request.

It’s unfortunate because it would be very helpful to the user to know why it won’t prompt their purchase.

Would you mind explaining the purpose of your “WorkFrame”? I can’t see to grasp the concept of it, and there might be alternatives.

Third Party Sales can be enabled in the Game Settings. Note that the game will have to be published in order to do so.

However, if you mean detecting if a player has Premium membership or not, that’s something you can always do. Here’s an article on the matter:


workFrame is a make your own pizza sort of thing, but for roblox cafes/restaurants and those sort of games.

It comes with a UI, store, music system, anti exploit, overhead rank and rank leaderboard.
Sort of your one stop shop for cafe scripts.

I’m not on about roblox premium, I’m on about workFrame Premium, a small donation to workFrame developers and in return you recieve minor perks in games with workFrame, aslong as the owner has not turned off the perks.

My initial explanation should suffice then.