Introducing workFrame - A full system for your cafe or restaurant


It’s free, gets updates (like themes soon) and is awesome

Get workFrame

workFrame is a great tool for your game, it includes:
A beautiful interface – COMING SOON
A full-fledged anti exploit system, great for all restaurant type games
Music System with options, skip commands and more
Rank Handler, overhead ranks, leaderboard ranks (all disable-able by the way)
Automatic updates, well yeah it’s updates but you don’t need to do anything
Oh, so many options, trust me, it’s awesome-ly customisable

Take this release as a beta

It may look polished in some places but trust me it’s got a long way to go and you will be seeing alot of updates coming to workFrame. this also means feed me feedback

Awesome wheres the pictures

glad you asked

images lol

– Ui under maintenance

Settings (very cool am i right)

Got some juicy update ideas or bugs lmk ok

Send them here in the replies, or through direct messages via either Discord (shlex#1337) or devforum

thanks for looking around youre awesome


wow this is so useful man im DEFENITELY gonna use this :scream:


Thank you very much aha! :smile:

Fixed bug where image would not load.

Wouldn’t recommend using the antiexploit, since it’s client sided, and could cause false positives in regards to replicatedstorage:

Apart from that, seems like a good resource for cafe owners.

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About 90% of anti exploits are client sided as experienced exploiters can send false data to the server. The client sided exploit is better and more secure.

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Client sided anti-exploits are completely useless in almost all use cases. Anything client sided can and will be bypassed, especially the one in your script. If you’re creating an antiexploit, create it on the server or expect it to be bypassed. In your script you fire a remote event when ever you detect an exploit, which can easily be blocked, though I’m sure there’s countless other ways to get around client anti-exploits


Client sided anti exploits aren’t useless if you use them correctly, they will stop about 70% of exploiters (mostly inexperienced exploiters)
You can’t block a remote event being fired, and they can’t delete the script without being kicked as there are checks in place to make sure the script is still there and not disabled.

Server sides are just as likely to send false positives, and degrade performance as it needs to check all players very frequently to detect exploiters.

Then again, workFrame is open source and you can reverse engineer a server sided antiexploit into workFrame if you wish.


Really cool. UI is smooth, and everything is pretty much laid out for you, for a quick and easy experience. I even tried out the game pass function, and it functioned perfectly. Only thing is, it has so much unused space below things in the menu / interface, and I don’t really know what it could be used for. But once again, really cool and incredibly useful. :smile: :+1:

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The space will be used for more sections and information as updates come out, and if you have the music system enabled it will display information about the current song.

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You can block a remote event from being fired. Exploiters have full control over their own client, and from what I’ve heard you can prevent it through metatable hooks. The script can be deleted without them being kicked, as they have full control over their client, and there are many methods to stop detection. Creating a client side antiexploit is fighting an impossible battle. With this antiexploit you may catch out a few exploiters who don’t know how to script, before they ask others for help. Regardless, I’d recommend you read through the topic I sent, it explains in more depth.

Server side anti-exploits can degrade performance, but it depends on the way they are made. They are more reliable than client side anti exploits however, since exploiters cannot prevent anything happening to the them from the server. The downside is that many things are harder to detect.

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I don’t kick them on the client, I kick them on the server.

Also yeah, I’m pretty sure there are ways to bypass this anti exploit, but it’s better than no anti exploit at all which is the case for most small cafe games.

I also just had an idea to add an option in the Loader for the type of anti exploit you would like, server sided or client sided.
I’d pull an external module from a good serverside anti exploit like @UnknownParabellum’s, or if the user prefers client, they can use workFrame’s.

Yeah, though in order to kick them from the server you have to send a remote request which can be prevented, but yeah I guess you’d catch a few exploiters. Anyway, the other parts of workFrame looks nice, so nice job.

Thanks for your feedback, for sure I will add the option to choose your type of anti exploit. :+1:


Request Song for robux
Anti Exploit Serverside choice
Custom songs
Notification when you need to update your loader
workFrame Premium - Players purchase this as a donation to workFrame developers and they then recieve perks inside all games with workFrame and perks enabled.

Some of these updates will require you to insert the model again and set it up with the new settings, unfortunately theres no way around this, however your workFrame will still work just not with new features.


Update | 13/01/2021 | workFrame 0.7

New Features:

  • Request song feature
  • Lets you know if your loader needs updating
  • Bug fixes

Hey just going to quickly ask for some feedback on workFrame Premium.

Price for workFrame Premium
  • 100 robux
  • 200 robux
  • 250 robux
  • 300 robux

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And also if you have any features you would like for workFrame Premium let me know.

You actually can block a remote event being fired. This is why with my anti-exploit, I’ve been monitoring the success-fail rate of the client checking in with the server before actually having that enforce. I also have another script where the two will protect each other from being tampered with. You can disable a script from being executed before the player even loads. This is an issue I encountered with mine where an individual created a script that disabled the anti-exploit before the protections were even in place. Exploits have gotten really advanced, and the right people can entirely bypass everything on the client to make it operate how they want it to operate instead of how you want it to.

I’m going to be honest but chances are, purchases for your Premium service will have to be done within another game since most cafe games will block third party sales.

Hey, got any screenshots of the interface and its features generally? I don’t really want to put it on studio and then see them.

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