How can I copy my main start place to a secondary place of the same game?

I’ve tried looking at all of the resources and so far this question hasn’t been asked. I know people will be wondering about this in the future. In games like Epic Minigames and Tower of Hell, there is an option to go to a different server of the same game but slightly modified. Did they copy the entire start place over to the secondary place manually or is there a mechanism to copy the start place over to a new place? Any help is appreciated.

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Just select every thing and click copy. Then paste it in the secondary place.


Open the game explorer in the view option in studio. Right click on “Games” and create a new place. Instead of copying everything over, click File, Publish to Roblox as, select your game, then select your secondary place.


I was wondering if there was a better solution than that, otherwise I would be using your method to my dismay