How can i create a glitch effect on the screen? Like on Ready Player Two Hub

Hello again, I know Ready Player Two Event was on long time, but… i’m interested on know how to make a glitch effect on the player’s screen just like that:


I couldn’t find an open-source of the map to tell you the specific method they used, but this is certainly a 2D animation.

It likely uses the newer VideoFrame mechanics.

Otherwise, it uses older methods of rapidly loading 2D assets. This can be done either with ImageLabels or ImageButtons within a SurfaceGui, or it could be done with the use of Textures or Decals. Any of these methods would require the use of a loop (usually a ‘for’ loop) to preload all of the individual images, then using something like RunService to rapidly change the image ID to these images in the correct order, creating a 2D animation.

Can you send me a piece of code for example? i’m not very good on scripting

Here is a sample of using VideoFrames directly from the API reference.

VideoFrames are not fully out yet, so I’d say they just made the glitched text effect in a video editing software and then converted it to a spritesheet.

Here is one of the many resources that explains how to use them:

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Why wouldn’t they be fully out? They’re not in beta or anything. Is there something I missed?

You still can’t upload your own videos as far as i’m aware, making them pretty much useless for this case.

You could make different frames and rapidly change inbetween them