How can I disable climbing without using invisible barriers?

Here’s what I’ve tried;

character.Humanoid:SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Climbing, false)

e.g video of the problem;

I think you should disable the humanoid state type jumping.

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Right there I wasn’t jumping I already set jump power to 0 but ill do this too its just a glitch with roblox and walking up things.

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What issues do you find with having invisible barriers? Do they obstruct gameplay?

Well I have interactable objects that barriers will block the player from using for example I have an inspect item mechanic so If I wanted to inspect a picture on a table I couldn’t because their would be a barrier there.

ProximityPrompt’s have a RequiresLineOfSight property, you can disable it and add barriers.

If you mind it being interactable from impossible positions, decrease the range or and move it from walls and other assets.

Well see I dont use proximity I use e to interact with contextActionService and userInputService as well as click detectors.

Are you sure that you’re properly disabling the climbing state? It’s working fine for me.

local on = false
    game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid:SetStateEnabled(Enum.HumanoidStateType.Climbing, on)
    on = not on
    if on then
        script.Parent.Text = "set climbing enabled"
        script.Parent.Text = "set climbing disabled"

See like I said its not really that the player is climbing it its that the player can glitch and walk up it.

slope angle also doesnt effect it

I did some researching around and the only anser I could find was from an official roblox staff member who suggested using hip height which will unfotunately do some other stuff to the player but its the only solution I could find.

I believe that this issue is related, where Roblox basically said there is no easy way to prevent it.

IMO the best way to fix the issue without adding invisible walls would be to add a script running on heartbeat to make sure that the player does not go above a predefined “ground” part.