How can I equalize the level of players that are in between servers?

Hi, Creators!
When assigning players to servers, is it possible to balance the servers that players can enter based on their level and rank without having to set up lobbies?

The reason I ask this question is that as I checked the leaderboard while going in and out of Blox Fruits a few times, it seemed like the points were well balanced and spread out each time!
The behavior seems to be entering First Sea (Place of Experience) directly without using a lobby.

(Below is a reference image of Blox Fruits)

Here’s what I’ve been noticing

  • When I enter a server via join from Roblox’s Servers page, I am properly placed on the server I specified. I don’t think they are using ReserveServer.
    • I found a case of preparing a lobby in the Forum (example), but I think Blox Fruits may be a different way to achieve this.
  • I thought it was using “Customize” in the Server Settings of Place, but it seems to be different because it is not possible to control the number of slots freely, for example, if a friend takes a slot.

If you know how to do this, please let me know.

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If you don’t want a lobby then: you can go through all of the level (or whatever) values in the server, add the values one to another, then, if all the values are bigger than a number you want you can use something called messaging service (it can send what ever you want across other servers. Here is a link to the topic: MessagingService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub) and find a server that has a place for the player that needs to join, then make the player join that server. The only thing is, that it can take time to player first join, than to load his data, then send a request to all servers and then make the player rejoin to another server.
If you don’t like this way than you can create a more advanced system using the same messaging service (I think it’s the only way to send something across servers and the thing you want to achieve). Just a clue, hope it helps

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How to make universal matchmaking? - #2 by Ze_tsu maybe this also can also help

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Thank you for your answer.
I still assume that the servers are public servers generated by Roblox, and it’s like moving people around in them, right?

  1. When a player comes in, the MessagingService asks if there is a server that wants the player.
  2. The server that wants the player receives the request and sends it back to the server that sent the request.
  3. Finally, the player’s location is determined and teleported if necessary.
    That’s the procedure.

This will be one of the proposed answers! Thank you!
I guess the key will be to have multiple servers up and running with room to allocate to public servers.