How can i execute an inverse proportionality?

Hello! i’m making graphic on-screen rain droplets for my game, with the “level of rain” (particle rate) changing dynamically, and in order for this to look right, the frequency of the droplets will change along with the level of rain.

(adding this in later, i can’t just do one wait value for each of the possible numbers the rain intensity value can have, as it’s changed with tweens, not by just simply changing the value)

Here’s my problem, i have no idea how to execute this, since we all know that the higher the wait, the more it’ll, well, wait, and the rain intensity value i have increases, which would make me be unable to just do a simple division to get this.

What i thought of doing was to find a way to do inverse proportionality, as i have two values set already, a rain intensity of 1 will give a wait of 0.005, however i don’t know what the wait would be for other levels of rain, so i was going to use the calculation to get the wait that an intensity value of like, 0.65 would give.

The intensity value ranges from 0 to 1, 0 being no rain at all and 1 being the most rain possible,

I’m not very maths-savvy, and i don’t know if this is possible, but it would greatly help if i could adjust how much the proportion changes the wait, i’ll have it set to just get rid of the droplets effect when there’s no rain, so an upper limit for the wait doesn’t really exist (the main reason why i’m asking if its possible to adjust the changing of the wait for fine tuning purposes, all that stuff)

hope someone can help me out with this, thanks in advance!

An inverse proportionality could just be, y = k/x

So perhaps y = wait, x = rain intensity,

And plug it into the formula, y= 0.005/x
Here is the desmos graph incase you are curious:

thank you so much! really helped, i’m really dumb with math, sorry about that

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