How can I find out what the chat hotkey is on someone's keyboard?

It’s to my understanding that the key used to open the chat on international keyboards is not the same as the one on standard QWERTY American keyboards. ROBLOX CoreScripts can use GuiService and listen for the pressing of Enum.SpecialKey.ChatHotkey, but GuiService.SpecialKeyPressed and GuiService.AddSpecialKey can’t be used by normal local scripts. In a custom chat GUI, how would I ensure the chatbar was always focused when the player’s chat hotkey, whatever it may be, is pressed?

Edit: Moved to feature requests. UserGameSettings:GetUserChatKey() anyone?

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You can try to listen to when UserInputService.TextBoxFocused is fired and the last key they give in, compare the times pressed, etc, but… that may return incorrect results.

Any examples of international keyboards that use different keys for that chat?

I don’t know of any for sure – I’ve just heard of issues where people weren’t able to open the ROBLOX chat with the key they normally did because they used an international keyboard.

This is entirely custom – chatbar and all. I’m the one in charge of focusing the textbox, so TextBoxFocused won’t fire unless I make it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a real solution for this available. It’d definitely make a good feature request. I recommend making a settings menu where players can pick which key to press for chatting.

This doubles as a feature because some games use “T” or “Enter” and players may prefer these.

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I’m using a nordic keyboard, “-” registers as Enum.KeyCode.Slash for whatever reason. It’s the key next to right shift, same position as slash on english keyboards. The actual slash key only works properly with the default ROBLOX chat bar. The way I’ve solved this in my custom chat is simply by telling players to press the key next to right shift.

Would love for UserInputService to actually support nordic keyboard layouts. Or all layouts.

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For my keyboard, I have to press Shift + 7 to type /. As with filiptibell, - is reckognized as / for actual input reckognization.


I’ve got the same.

Moved to feature requests. @Osyris Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. Thank you to the international people for letting me know how their keyboards work with custom chat.

Most European countries just have the same keyboard layout as the US though, thought I’d mention.

Well, you could also let Shift + 7 trigger chat (as well as / and other possible chat hotkeys). I’d prefer not having to think over what the chat hotkey is when there are thousands of other games on ROBLOX where I know exactly how to get the chat up.

Then there’s the more advanced task: Letting users set their own hotkeys :+1:

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