How can I get even lighting on my GFX renders?

Hi! I see some really good GFX like @eveIys art and I can’t help noticing that the light in my renders are really uneven.

I use Blender PaintRigV3, does anyone know how I can fix this? The picture down below is an example of some uneven lighting on my YT thumbnail:

If anyone knows how to make it all even, it would be helpful! I use the lighting “Area”, should I be using something else or do I need a whole new rig?


Any ideas on how I can fix this? :confused:

Ok so firstly do u not like the blurry backround?

Is not the background that is my concern, it is the render. If you look at the person, the light seems very uneven. Most artists have an even, natural light. :slight_smile:

The most realistic lighting artists go for is through the use of an HDRI combined with other lights. Lighting is often smoothest with multiple light sources. This sort of ‘uneven’ lighting can be caused by using a one-point lighting style when most even lighting consists of at least a two-point lighting method then can be further improved through three points.

While it usually depends on the location of your render, HDRIs come in handy for outdoor lighting, and emissions and other lights work well for indoor scenes. If you’d like a good breakdown of how these point systems work, here’s a video that could help!

Here is an additional site with free HDRIs that could help you as well! I suggest searching YouTube for further explanation on HDRIs!


Omg, tysm! This so helpful, I very much appreciate this! Do you recommend any photoshop apps I could use? Preferably free ones.

No problem! I’ve actually had discussion over free programs that work similar to Photoshop in this thread, but to summarize, here’s some free programs I can name off the top of my head:

  • Pixlr
  • Picsart
  • Gimp
  • Paint .net
  • Photopea
  • Sumopaint
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Hi there, is there any chance you could PM me a .blend file of your RIG. I don’t like downloading from sites like mediafire.

I’ll send you the YouTube link of the person I got the rig from:

The rig is in the description.
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Yes, but its a mediafire link. I don’t download from mediafire and for personal reasons.

edit: oop- its a google drive

Here’s the improvement I have made:

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Make the image dark in blender with dim lights so there arent many shadows then brighten it up in photoshop or whatever you use.