How can I get Layered Clothing from a HumanoidDescription?

I am making an outfit loader which is supposed to allow players to try and buy outfit accessories and I want it to work with layered clothing. However, I cannot figure out how to derive the layered clothing from the humanoid descriptions.

I saw this post below which explained how I can derive layered clothing from something called the AccessoryBlob, however this won’t work because the AccessoryBlob cannot be accessed via code - only via Studio

Does anyone know how I can get layered clothing from a humanoid description? Thanks!

Sorry for the late response on this, stumbled across this while trying to find the solution myself.

I ended up finding a solution although it is kinda finiky if you will, Roblox doesn’t have a great way of getting around this but here is one way I found out how.

by using :GetAccessories() you can return all the accessories, including layered clothing.

By looping through this using a for loop, you can view all the accessories and then from there use if statements to depict the layered clothing ones

for _, info in pairs(desc:GetAccessories(true)) do
        --Info allows you to see the asset id, name, etc.
       print(info.Name .. "'s ID is " .. info.AssetId)