How can I get my game popular?

How can I get my game popular without adverts and sponsoring? Ive tried asking a youtuber as someone said in another topic but its not working. My game currently has 417 visits and im trying to get it popular. Any ideas??


Popularizing a game is not a one-step thing. Approach it like an ongoing campaign; post teasers and WIPs on Twitter with #RobloxDev, contact dozens of influencers, inviting them to check out your game and maybe offering a special exclusive item or custom reward code, and actively engage with people to market your game.

Especially when it comes to influencers, you may contact a dozen YouTubers who all ignore your messages, but it only takes one “yes” to give your game a nice boost.


Roblox has actually made an article on this that explains really well how to start your games popularity. Check it out here:


There’s no formula for a popular game. One thing that is extremely important in getting your game popular is player retention however. Playing retention is basically keeping players in your game. It means that people play your game again instead of just playing it once.

I have linked this article to a few posts before, because I think it is extremely useful in understanding player retention and building games which keep players coming back:

I have already made a post about this. Search the Devfourm before you post.

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No adverts! I cannot afford them


Try to get more updates or codes


I see lots of people talking about using ads, sponsoring, etc. But in my opinion I don’t think you have to do this. Since the beginning of my most popular game, Innovation Ocean Facility, I never planned to sponsor or advertise it. I’ve kept with that promise even now, having never advertised the game. I’m now sitting at almost 45k visits, and a growing community.

In my opinion, the best way to to grow your game is to talk to others using Roblox, the DevForum, and Discord. Have your friends play and give you feedback. If they like the game then great! On your off time, they will most likely say something about your game to one of their friends and the cycle continues. This can build up a nice, small community that all pretty much do the same thing, and it starts growing into a larger one.

While I know advertising your game can a way to get visits fast in some cases, sometimes it isn’t the best as people can expect something different, and leave a fat dislike bringing down your ratings. Another problem similar to this is something to do with our thinking (Not sure what) but seeing ads over and over again makes me not want to play them, and I get super annoyed when they pop up.That’s one reason I suggest not doing this, the other reason being the expense of ads to be effective anyway.

These are my thoughts on this. Hope this may have helped.