How can I grow my community?

Hi! I posted this as a questions, How do people grow their community on groups/games and players. I’m making a game that is gonna come out, and I want a community hyped for it. I am the scripter, we have a builder, investor, and 3 testers. I tried going to a group recruiting place but no one was interested. I’m confused at how people grow their community on PC and Mobile.


People usually grow their communities by advertising their game/group. You can do it through Roblox’s Ad System, Hidden Developers or Group Recruitment Plaza.


As Schedency said,most of them are famous because of ads,and,usually,those type of games are camping based,café/hotel/restaurant,RP,and etc,most games get famous because of youtubers,but an interesting fact is that,the game called Loomian Legacy,the public got very hyped about it,probably due to people loving Pokemon Brick Bronze.


Advertise it. I’m not just talking about the Roblox ads, get some high-quality thumbnails, screenshots and gameplay footage. Also don’t forget to get it out on social media.

Roblox ads only help with the initial growth, while your appearance on the page is what will decide whether you will stay popular.

Keep regular development updates with screenshots to show people what to expect. That is how many projects became popular before their basic gameplay was even thought out.

The rest is mostly luck.

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Rthro is a great place to grow your game. My game “The Haven Tycoon” gained a active community of about 70-80 in 1 month. (About 300+ in my discord.)


The best way I would say to grow a large community is to get big YouTubers to play your game. You could drive them to your game by creating special benefits for YouTubers, just like how Adopt Me, Royale High, and Pet Simulator get a lot of plays. Also if you have a big social media following on twitter, you could also shout out your game there. After that, multiple people will start to play your game. The most powerful tool after YouTubers play your game is I would say is actually creating a discord server. For example, big games has over 100,000 members in there discord server. Even though Pet Simulator isn’t as popular as it used to be, since they have a lot of members in there discord server, they could easily make an announcement saying that they have a new game that they are releasing and thousands of people will play it.


So, you got on the Rthro tab? How do you get in it? Do you need permission from roblox?


Pretty simple? Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology Just need to contact a roblox admin.

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