How can I grow my group without ads?


I was wanting to expand my group, get new members and testers. How could I do that, but without ads or group recruiting plaza? (since its broken for me). The reason why is because we are going to release a game soon, and if we have lots of members, it will be a great to get people in the game. Here is a link to my group: Awes0me Studios - Roblox.


advertising in discord servers (in the appropriate channels of course. there’s also discord servers specifically for this) can help but i dont have much experience with that

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This is related to my previous post

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1. Release a game
Basically Make game with group rewards and many people will join your group.

Ask your friends to join ur group they might tell their friends to join your group.


Yes! We are currently working on one (not released yet), but it will have group member perks.

I have asked all my friends to join lol.

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Well first, It’s not about members, Its about the Community and how well is it, and second your group must be organized because if it is it grabs people’s attention, If everything is fine in your group I suggest recruiting at GRP or in an any Recruiting Discord Servers. but anyways ads really help growing your game/group.

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Yeah, I want to grow my community as well as members and staff.

I have tried GRP, but for some reason, it is frozen when I join. I will try to find some recruiting discord servers.


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