How can I improve my building effectively?

Thank you so much, this is super useful and I will for sure attempt doing this on my next build
Have a great day and I hope your building is going good,
goodbye! :wave:

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I suggest you use plugins. Plugins help you to build faster, and more efficient! There are a lot of plugins that you can use. Just search here in the DevForum, i’m sure you’ll find something that will help you


Yes, I also recommend using Pinterest for reference pictures.


I have many plugins already, including: F3X Building Tools, Beveler, Tree Generator, Model Resizer, Gap Fill, CSG Cut and Color Tools!
Even though I already do this, I appreciate you taking your time to reply and help me out!
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I will try this, thanks for the help and have a great day,
Goodbye! :wave:

A developed methodology might be needed. Using the methodology, you can streamline your work extensively. As previously mentioned, using plugins is one of the methods of the entirety. Since building is encompassing multiple fields like map design, it depends a lot.


The most efficient way is practicing on your own in the studio. It’s as simple as that.

The more time you practice in the studio, the more you master the fundamentals and the basics of building. A good way to improve is using your tools provided such as plugins. Really the only ones you need are building plugins such as F3X.

One thing that really helped me was looking at other’s work and taking examples. Visiting showcases is such an underrated way to learn; as you learn how other builders use their tools to create their strucutres.

Learning how to use textures and lighting is another underrated fundamental of building. All in all, the more time you spend and dedicate learning to build; the better you will get at it. Best of lucks to you and your building journey.

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This was really detailed and helpful, I appreciate this a lot and how can I start off my builds? It’s alright if you don’t know but this one thing that I struggle with and need to work on.

Add me on discord: innerBrian#2504

I’d love to help you from there.

I. Do not use blueprints, it will test your level.
II. Remake a picture from the internet, for example a house. Again, by visual, not blueprint.

Okay, thank you, it helps! 30 sorry.

Okay sure, I’ll do it now mine is: fly#0150

Sent, it is pending nowwwwwwww.

The blueprint idea is sort of subjective. If a person is dedicated enough to architecture strictly based on blueprints, then go ahead and it might be impressive if someone had the time to dedicate entirely into that.

Pictures from the internet are just sources of inspiration. It is more preferable for newcomers to begin with this.

Blueprints require everything to be ON POINT (mostly). However, as you said pictures from the internet might just be inspiration, unless you remake what you see on the picture.

I recommend you go to a website like Google Images or Flickr and recreate buildings and scenes by using the pictures as a guide. Eventually, you will become a better builder and when you feel ready, you can start working on games.

Okay, this is one thing I haven’t really tried that much, thank you all for the comments though!

As many ppl said. Looking pictures of buildings and interiors will grow your knowledge and creativity. Even when you walk on the street put high attention to the buildings surrounding you and the entire place.
What I highly discourage is the use of plugins… I already heard about lots of persons who got viruses hidden in plugins. And ppl always tells me stuff like “It’s good to use plugins cause its to save time”, “its to make it easier”… (for me, thats just pretexts to be lazy)

Everything can be easily made with the default studio tools, and if its not, means that you are reaching a new level, so its time to learn Blender and Scripting.
Using plugins makes you lazy, and actually takes you apart from being able to do it by yourself… anyone can install a plugin, but just special persons can do it quickly without it. For me, thats a real difference. Im highly against any plugin

What? How are using plugins being lazy? I dare you to make a forest in 2 minutes without a plugin.

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With having some trees already created, using scripting its very easy to make infinite forests. If you already have ur own scripting systems for those kind of tasks, takes even less than 2 minutes, and with custom properties that a plugin doesnt have.

Means, learning to model, and learning to script. But lazy ppl prefers the plugin.
I insist, why the rush? Why u need a forest in 2 minutes? For a game? A developer should be able to make a forest by himself, what if the plugin doesnt exist? the real developer can still make the forest and the “pluginer” cannot.
Depends, theres ppl who wants to work in development/design in the future, and ppl who just wanna play. Thats all. If someone is really interested in learning, I insist, dont use plugins.

A second more creative and advanced approach. Without even having the tree models. Create a Part, and weld randomly branches and place randomly leafs by scripts, with ranges for its angles. Now all trees are different and infinite, totally customizable

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