How can I improve my Store Model?


I’m creating the second room in my pscyhological horror-puzzle game, and I’d like your feedback on it. You can’t enter the store, so its just the exterior that you can see.

Reference Image (from Diagon Alley in Harry Potter):

The theme of my game that is relevant to this build is Memory. Hence why you can’t see the name of the store or what’s beyond the glass, its all hazy and foggy.
Note that there will be other buildings alongside this one - its meant to be a street of sorts.

I’m an amateur builder and I have a long way to go, so I would appreciate it if you could provide me with harsh but constructive criticism. I used some of the feedback from my previous build (How can I improve my door model?), such as a consistent stud increment (0.1 mostly), as well as using the F3X building tools plugin to align parts easier.

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Also, I’ve noticed something that’s quite annoying. From certain angles, the horizontal white lines (which are formed by overlapping the glass blocks) will disappear as shown below:

Is there a way to avoid this? Or do I just have to redo it?

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If you’re interested, here’s the whole setting for now. I have yet to add the remaining buildings.

P.S. the store title is a bunch of "w"s in pacifico font, created using the ThreeDText plugin. The player can’t remember the name of the store so its all a bit blurry.

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I did a bit more editting and I changed the text up top to a decal

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good, but the corners are not aligned properly

I tried aligning them but it keeps jittering.

Union them to prevent jittering


Thanks a lot, that fixed it!

Any other changes that I should make?

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no need some changes other than the glass appearing to not being unioned correctly, other than that, it looks fine now

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Yeah, I noticed this while I was tinkering with the glass - stacked glass makes this really annoying overlay. Any way to overcome this?

nvm fixed it i just made the whole thing into 1 long window instead

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I can still see a gap, that is why I use this plugin. It leaves no gaps, it is easy to use and you can make circles with it. Also works on larger builds.