How can I improve these builds

Hello! I am currently in the process of building a game and im looking for feedback on how i can improve these two stores. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Store #1

Store #2


Hey there! Great use of terrain decoration & painting to outline the space of the store.

To improve, I’d suggest using tree meshes or rock meshes to give that realistic look if you’d want to go for that.

I’d also suggest changing the lower section of the stores to concrete instead of brick & then replacing upper section of the store to brick to give a further sense of woah that’s pretty realistic. Maybe even throw in some shelves & maybe some lamps or lights too.

I appreciate you looking for further advice & feedback on this build!

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All the best,

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To make it look better, I recommend you adding an Npc in there to make it more welcoming.


Go into further detail with it. Add NPC’s and add the smaller details like store items. Since it is a trash store for the first image, you could include trash bins, cans, shelves, registers, boxes, etc. Otherwise, for the other shop you could include whatever relates to it too. Apart from the smaller details, make sure you go into detail with the walls and roof, extend the roof and create something interesting, having it flat doesn’t give it that overall complete look.

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i think its very good! i don’t have any suggestions :slight_smile:

It is an incredible project but I would tell you to reduce some colors such as calming the white of the first store and adding a dark green color to the letters.

the second I would love that it has windows if you want and that would be all Good job.

Try to add some decorations inside the shop* (like some shelves of products you can buy) and add an NPC to make it look more welcoming. Other than that, good job!

*Inside the shop means where the NPC is standing.

Adding furniture in them and nps should do the job. They look kinda empty.