How can I improve these models?

I’ve been trying to learn more about CSG on roblox studio and made these for a friend since they’re making a game featuring playable “critters.”

I’m wondering how I can spice them up while keeping with with a cartoony style… I made them fairly quickly. They’re satisfied with them, it’s just I want to challenge myself more.

Also if you want to provide useful techniques about CSG on roblox studio, I’m all ears!


Maybe some texturing could help?


I like the cartoon style of these and they look nice, great job! You maybe could give these characters some props like hats. I wouldn’t texture them as I feel that would take away the cartoon feel of them.


These look amazing.

Maybe add some more details on few of the models, or possibly even textures.

…And you’re basically good to go.


I really love this kind of design :slight_smile: it’s a little bit of simplisity and cartoony feel. This is unrelated, but tell your friend to add animations to these “critters” It’s a bad practice to ship games that have models like this that just move around like a statue, especially in role play games.

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Ways to improve without disrupting your vision:

  • Particles: Matches the design or colorway of the critter
  • Silly animations for ex: stomping
  • Trails: relevant to the critters design

Potential modifications to the “critters”:
Remodeling one of the critters to a less bland theme such as ice cream critter, snow critter.

While modern is great to look at for inspiration, I occasionally look at the classics to get my creative juices flowing:

My advice to you is be less bland as you possibly can be, and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone either.


The cartoon style looks quite decent. However, I’d recommend adding further dimension to the faces. The toucan, for example, simply looks like a couple of sphere meshes, and the head is the same width as the body. I’d recommend Blender as a creature modelling software, making models like these are quite easy. An alternative to this is to combine multiple sphere meshes to make certain shapes, however, this would look rough in certain lightings, and Blender is much easier.


yah, I really need to learn how to use blender but havent gotten around to it. Should i use blender in all cases instead of CSG on roblox?

EDIT: asked the person I made the models for and they want me to avoid blender

I would say that blender is the better thing to use as I find is a lot easier to make detailed low poly meshes in. Here is a really good tutorial series for blender: Tutorial Series. The reason why I personally don’t use Roblox CSG is because sometimes the poly count goes up(This may be wrong so please correct me if I am). With blender you can control the poly count.

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The advantage of CSG over individual parts is that it reduces the part count in your game, which can improve performance. CSG modeling is also supported in Studio, so there’s no need to learn a 3rd party modeling program in order to make interesting models. And, since the primitives are readily available to the Roblox system, it’s probably safe to assume that CSG models load faster on average than meshes.

By creating a model as a mesh in something like Blender, you possibly (likely?) sacrifice something in the way of load time, but part count is still reduced as compared to building with individual primitives, and you have finer control over the ultimate size of the mesh that’s used in the render pipeline. With CSG, control is limited to the number of primitives you use. With surface modeling (mesh) you have complete control over how and where polygons are placed and the total number that are used. This means that an imported mesh should provide better in-game performance than a comparable model made with Roblox CSG. However, this assumes that the imported mesh isn’t unnecessarily dense. It’s easy to create a mesh that under performs the CSG in every respect. The key differences are control, convenience, and the potential for well-tailored meshes to be much smaller than similarly shaped CSG models.

There’s a place for both, IMO. Blender is definitely worth learning (at least the modeling parts) if you create a lot of complex looking models (Can also be used for things unrelated to
Roblox). Roblox CSG is worth learning since it’s supported by Studio and because you can use it on the fly while a game is running.

In all the really interesting CSG modeling tutorials I’ve seen, the models would have been better as meshes. Here are a couple of things I found interesting, though:
CSG car
in game CSG

The models you made look great. You should move on to something else. :laughing:


I like the cartoon-y look of the characters a lot! I’d maybe add a little bit more to the green guy on the far right. Other than that, I think they’re great. :grinning:

Blender also can be a lot less laggy than CSG, I hope he/she knows that (the person who you’re making the models for), but it’s actually a lot more efficient than CSG in tems of creating objects as well.

They look very good. I would suggest you maybe add some props and possibly a bit more texturing of them.

The only changes I would make would be to add more texturing, as already stated, and to add some more detailed to even out the builds.

For example, these have details evened out properly, while these ones do not.

Details Distributed Evenly


Details Not Distributed Properly


The characters that do not have the details distributed properly are bigger in size, so I would just recommend adding more circles or different shading just to keep it more consistent.

Good luck on improving your models!

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Really love what you have done so far, keep it up. :+1:

My advice though is possibly try to learn outside of Roblox, such as programs like Blender. This would really help bring more life and allow more complex figures/shapes to be created when modeling. Another thing is, modeling in Blender is sometimes for beneficial than CSG in Roblox (In terms of efficient triangle use at points), which can allow better game performance. In terms of what you have created though, I should try to find a way to “smooth out the edges”.

For example, on some parts of the critters its all smooth/cartoon kind of, but then there is just sudden bumps/edges such as:

I would try to challenge your self to find a way to make it blend into the rest of the critter. Other than that, nice job and keep up the good work again!

Made more CSG critters for the person,

Do mind the beam on the geisha spirit, scaling down messed it up.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I’ll have to wait until I have a lot of dedicated free time for learning blender but definitely will be!



Wow, the creativity and the uniqueness is off the charts! Everything looks clean, inviting and adorable!

How To Improve
If you pick up blender, you can definitely improve these models and what you can do with them!

  • CSG Topology despite being ingrained into studio is far less superior than mesh based work. (Unions are better off for objects with far less curves and complexity)
  • Vertex coloring/UV Maps give you so much more room and control when you’re decorating your work!

Hope I helped, keep on keepin’ on! Great work c:

I feel like the middle walrus (or whatever it is) should be a bit more detailed like the others.
They’d also look nice if they had textures rather than plain colors too.

Still better than anything I could make.

As I have mentioned for many others, blender is a great tool to help make models more detailed and styled. A great tool that blender has as well is texturing which brings a ton of depth into models.

Some specific critiques:
First off, AMAZING cat clock!

For the bird in the can however, you adding some detail to the face would make it look even better! Adding some textures to the can would look awesome as well.

The walrus (I’m so sorry if it’s not a walrus) looks super cute! Maybe you can find a way to make the feet look a little more alike the rest of the body?

The three to the right look awesome! Not much I can think to switch up on that.

Maybe adding scales of some sort around the whole body of the monster on the right so it doesn’t look too blank on the rest of the body.

Obviously this is super harsh and your work is stylized so it’s a matter of opinion. I love your work and I wish you luck! If you have any questions or anything please just ask!

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it’s amazing!