How can I learn to be a music composer?

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I started listening to more and more music, and decided I wanted to learn how to create music. For me, I’m simply a teenager who has a B in band. This will most likely not help me learn how to compose music at all. I want to know how can I learn to compose music?

I would want to learn how to make music similar to this (I don’t know the genre yet)


What would I need to learn? What programs would I need to use? I have barely any money, and cant spend online. Are there any free programs I could use to learn?

I would want to learn how to create my own music for my own purposes, so I don’t get copyrighted for using other people’s music.


For this type of music, minimal musical education is required. You could probably just open up a non-traditional music program and play around for a bit.


I use Cubase to make my music (since it was what we used at my high school and became comfortable with) but there are lots of programs you can choose from, other professional ones like FL studio, Ableton, or Garageband (pretty sure that comes free with any mac computer).

These programs are called DAWs (digital audio workstations), I made a search and here is an article detailing some free ones to get started:

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I use Logic Pro X, a professional software made by Apple for any Mac computer. It supersedes GarageBand in terms of its features, but it’s not free.

Most of the sounds in the example consists of layering instruments, music theory to build the notes, compression and automation techniques. Lately I have been working consistently on my DAW and here’s another example:

I recommend this resource:


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Making music doesn’t happen easily. It takes skill, practice, and dedication. I’ve been making music for 5 years and I still don’t know everything. I still have a lot to learn.

Learn your drums, music theory, synth design (download Vital), mixing, etc.