How can I make a car racing system?

What would be the basic idea with which I could make a racing system like in Vehicle Simulator and other car games?

This is quite vague, if you want to make a car racing system, you need to give people information like, what sort of races do you want, do you have car models, what elements do you want in general, is it the actual car scripts, is it the teleporting to the race or making sure they are touching the checkpoints, or timers. You have to give more information or people won’t be able to help you.

I think this post will help you greatly! ROBLOX recently released a whole city building pack, some forest stuff and most importantly… Super High Quality Cars!

The cars are almost indentical in looks and behaivor to the ones in vehicle sim. Also, the city pack is high quality so that should work for the map. Here is the link going into more detail:

I want drag races,circuit races and sprint these types of racing