New Endorsed Models in Toolbox!

We have created a number of art assets to test various systems internally and we’d like to share these assets with the developer community, so we have released new content in the Toolbox!

There are a set of vehicles that make use of the new Attributes feature that also launched yesterday, along with a Forest Pack and a number of City-themed packs with models that include PBR textures. The assets in the packs are meant to be combined to enable you to create an entire scene.

For additional information on the packs, please click through each link and refer to the description.

Here is the full list of assets released:

New Packs

New Vehicles

Known Issue

  • Some of the thumbnails for the packs do not show up correctly, due to the fact that they are a set of separate models inside of a folder, for ease of use. We will look to address this in the future.

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I looked at Roblox’s most recently updated models, and there seems to be duplicate models. Is this intentional? The other models have no sales yet contain the same description and name. Do they function the same? Just curious.


Links to all four “alternate” models:

Sports Car
Dune Buggy

Love the new models though. Very cool.


Something I’ve never understood with the “Endorsed Asset” programme is the lack of information on how to get your own assets into it, which is definitely something that used to happen a few years back.

Also they’re not in the Studio Toolbox, that or I’m not looking hard enough.

Either way, more official assets from roblox is a :+1: from me


Definitely a nice idea here roblox to release more endorsed models for creators to play around with and gain more experience on the platform hats off to you. Also PBR textures are definitely a nice added touch since they contribute to overall realism among other things.


Afaik this is not the same as the Endorsed Model program. All models were published on Roblox’s account and I believe they were made by Roblox staff.


Either that or they outsourced the models and didn’t credit the creator? Seems unlikely but nonetheless I believe the models are distinct from this badge and the program that is associated with it.

EDIT: The models are indeed outsourced but still are not in the same program.


On a somewhat related note, are there any plans to fix the Studio toolbox so that the first user result is ROBLOX, and not a terminated user called “roblox alpha test”? This is making it impossible to filter the toolbox in studio to assets created by ROBLOX.


Wow! Some really nice models. Also, This might be useful for developers to learn scripts and these new attribute feature. Because they are free models, Less experienced developers can use them in their game without worrying about viruses and harmful scripts (unless they are botted models)


The forest pack looks great, might mess around with them.


Why are you announcing this here? I doubt people on the dev forum use free models (Because I don’t). This would be better to announce on the site blog, where people who don’t usually use studio could see and try them.


where else would they announce? and there are a lot of people here who use them.


Very cool, this should allow some more creativity with maps. Are there any more planned models?


I’m just guessing, but I think another main difference is probably the scripts use of the new Attributes instances, introduced last week, within these vehicle models.

Been available to play with on this group for quite a while, really nice vehicles.


New assets from Roblox is a yes from me. I’m most likely going to read through the code and then, well, learn from it. Also, I’ll probably only use the assets for the code because I want to use to create things by myself.

Edit: Reading the code and I’ve been exposed new things. This will definitely help improve my programming skills.

Thanks Roblox!


Poggers, or nah? Hmm… :thinking:

Its really nice to see Roblox holding on to old features such as endorsed asset, it keeps the toolbox safer for young/new developers who’d just like an easy step in learning, with newer updated assets rather than risking player made assets which may contain harmful code.

I think its a great idea to add more modern assets that are approved by staff so developers aren’t forced into using older and outdated free models just for a safe form of learning or useage.


The developer forum is for all things for developers, even the resources.
You have to remember that Roblox is still aimed towards a younger audience rather than just high end developers.
Just because you don’t use free models, doesn’t mean they aren’t related to development.


Heh, nice. New endorsed models are nice, though most developers will make their own models and meshes.

yeah i have to agree with @cake3738 but it would be nice to have roblox make a blog post about it.

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