How can I make a functional zipline?

Heyo Devforum! I have been making an obby game with my friend Bombe0101 from scratch, and we want to implement ziplines. I have been looking for tutorials on this and I found one that helped me but wasn’t what I was looking for.

Topic: Best way of scripting a zipline?

I want to make a zipline that when touched makes the player attached to the zipline with a constraint and when at the end, the constraint is destroyed and the player is released. I also want to make it so that the player can jump to get rid of the constraint when starting on the zipline. Are there any ways I can achieve this?

Any help will be appreciated!

Not seeing an attempt. Please make one or follow the thread you’ve linked. Be sure to also do your own research for the things you need to try this out. The things you need a pretty straight forward, so it’ll take some problem solving on your own end to see how you can stitch the system together.

Articles I found that you can use to achieve this system that I got just from reading your thread and doing literal searches based on the wording you used:


Here is how I would attempt it at first:

First you make your zipline. Then create an object that tweens its way from the start position to the end position. Then somehow connect the character to that object, whether you use constraints or you manipulate the character’s position according to the object’s position.

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Hello @colbert2677! I have finally scripted a zipline, but I have run into a problem with when the player is on the zipline and is considered jumping.


repeat wait() until game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Tower of Troubling Tutorials")
local ziplines = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Tower of Troubling Tutorials").Ziplines:GetChildren()

local tweenservice = game:GetService("TweenService")

for i, zipline in pairs(ziplines) do
	local isonzip = false

	local line = zipline.Line
	local finish = zipline.End
	local start = zipline.Start
	local slider = script.Slider
	local animation = script.ZiplineHold

		if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
			if not isonzip then
				isonzip = true
				local character = hit.Parent
				local humanoid = hit.Parent.Humanoid
				local sliderclone = slider:Clone()
				sliderclone.Parent = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Tower of Troubling Tutorials").Ziplines
				sliderclone.PrimaryPart.Position = start.Position
				local sliderpart = sliderclone.SliderPart
				local movingsliderpart = sliderclone.Part
				local weld ="Weld")
				weld.Part0 = character.Head
				weld.Part1 = sliderpart
				weld.Parent = sliderpart
				sliderpart.CFrame = character.Head.CFrame
				local tweeninfo =
				local goal = {}
				goal.CFrame = finish.CFrame
				local tween = tweenservice:Create(movingsliderpart, tweeninfo, goal)
				local loadanimation = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)
					isonzip = false
				isonzip = false

So, everything works fine, the tweens and the welds, but what I am having trouble with is destroying and stopping the tweens when the player is jumping and on the zipline. In the script, I wanted to see if the player was jumping, so I added the humanoid.Jumping. It didn’t print yes on the zipline, so I was very confused even though I was pressing the space bar, but when the weld was actually destroyed and the tween was actually stopped when the ride was over, it started printing yes when I jumped. How can I fix this issue? Sorry for the many grammatical errors!

Congratulations on being able to do it on your own! That’s the kind of effort I like seeing result from this category and wish I saw more of.

I realise a bit late that your character would probably be suspended in the air in the Freefalling state if you were to do this, meaning that natural jumping would not work for dismounting a player off a zipline. This would require a bit more work to get done.

For this, I would probably create a separate handler that will force the character to jump if they’re on a zipline (and only if), just so that it’s easier to handle the dismounting. You will need to have a way to identify if players are ziplining - for example, the weld you create can simply be renamed to “ZiplineWeld”.

A RemoteEvent will be needed. A LocalScript will track client input for a jump while the server follows through in forcing the player to jump if the conditions are met. For this, you will need JumpRequest. For some odd reason it fires multiple times per request to jump, so you’ll also need to make sure it can only fire every so often.

A LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts, maybe called ZiplineJumpHandler, will be responsible for asking the server to perform a forced jump. It will fire a RemoteEvent in ReplicatedStorage called RequestZiplineDismount. I think you can do it from the client itself, but just to be sure we’ll have the server make us jump.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

local Player = Players.LocalPlayer
local RequestDismountZipline = ReplicatedStorage.RequestDismountZipline

local COOLDOWN = 0.5

local lastSendTime = 0

local function jumpRequested()
    local currentTime = os.clock()
    if currentTime - lastSendTime >= COOLDOWN then
        lastSendTime = currentTime
        local character = Player.Character
        if character and character:FindFirstChild("Head") and character.Head:FindFirstChild("ZiplineWeld") then


The server can then return in kind. A script in ServerScriptService, ZiplineDismountHandler or something.

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

local RequestDismountZipline = ReplicatedStorage.RequestDismountZipline

local function onServerEvent(player)
    local character = player.Character
    local humanoid = character and character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
    if character and humanoid then
        if character:FindFirstChild("Head") and character.Head:FindFirstChild("ZiplineWeld") then


This might work, feel free to give it a shot.


I made my own. Its not entirely physics based but it allows you to jump halfway off. Ill link the post and download link. (yeah i know this is 3 years old)

ZiplineSystem (1) (2).rbxm (7.6 KB)